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Question please call help!!!

Okay.. I am way over thinker and really stressed out about this. Okay 2010 I had an abnormal pap test. I then got an colposcopy. I can't remember the test results of the colposcopy just that she wanted me to do a re-peat pap in 6months. Okay I didn't go back in because I lost my healthcare coverage. Well, now its 2015. and I went in for a pap because I haven't had one in a long time and because I have been having really bad heart burn for about 1 year now with really bad abdominal pain and really bad bloating and I always have constipation or diarrhea and few other things. Well I got the pap done and now I got call to back to another colposcopy with I have high levels of HSIL. Should I be worried. That these abdominal problems could be linked to this?
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What are they going to do now? A biopsy? Soubss very similar to my story. The biopsy will show everything in much more detail. They may just do what they did to me and do a LEEP which were they cut off a small peice of your cervix where the cancerous cells are. I go back for my 6 months after LEEP appointment in 4 days to make sure the cancerous cells haven't come back
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