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Stage 4 cervical cancer

I have metastic cervical cancer. Had chemo in 2012 and chemo again in Nov 2014 both times after starting chemo I had hydronephrosis left kidney the 1st time went away on its own 2nd time it did not . After 5 months of test I had bilateral nephrostomy tubes put in on  April 24  2015 and was able to urinate some after wards . 3 weeks ago in emergency room with a litre of urine  in my bladder and put on antibiotics for bacterial uti. Urologist said foley has to stay in cause I can't urinate and it's probably due to cancer pushing on my urethra.  Which is also what they said about kidney blockage cancer pressing on ureter.What I don't understand is how can you for a period of time urinate if your cancer is pressing on your urethra and other periods of time not (just intermittent). Also due to large amount of urine flowing into the bladder how is it a ureter can be blocked. My urologist said he's sending for a procedure to shoot dye into nephrostomy tubes to see if the kidney miraculously became unblocked. I have had no treatments since the last chemo in Nov. If your cancer is there with no changes how could it sometime block ureter or the urethra and other periods of time not. Also is there a test I can request that will show an in depth look at the ureters and urethra and actually show if and where and what is pressing on  them. So confused.
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