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nervous about pap test results

For the last couple of years, my paps have been abnormal. My most recent pap which was about 7 months ago showed LGSIL but my colposcopy came back normal.
My dr scheduled me for a repeat pap 6 months later since the colpo was normal. Well the 6 month repeat pap is about 4 weeks away and I am nervous.
What does it mean when a pap shows these types of abnormalties but the colposcopy is normal? Should I be worried? I was also diagnosed with high risk hpv about a year ago or more.
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Before an eventual  hysterectomy at 31 to treat cervical cancer, I had 2 years of abnormal pap smears. Because of my age they tried to remove what abnormal cells I had in an operation under a general anesthetic. It proved unhelpful in my case. When I had my next check up it had not only returned but advanced to where a radical hysterectomy was the only way forward. I had it 3 weeks later, as my ovaries were still healthy, my consultant decided  it was safe to leave them behind to avoid early menopause. I had a swab taken every 6 month's for the following five years before I was given the eventual all clear.
They seem to  be monitoring you closely and regulary, as I'm not either an expert or doctor I would not want to advise you on if you should be concerned about your recent results and ongoing prognosis. Personally, I would use what advice what advice and views you are given as research and maybe even support  , but when dealing with the uncertainty of possible cervical cancer being cautious and aware is the only way forward.
Take care and good luck when you go. Let me know how your doing.  
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Gee, how encouraging! Thanks for the helpful info.
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