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what is civical cancer?

I am 25 years old and lately ive been feel noisier having back pains, watery discharge stomach craps and pains on my lower stomach just want to know if I am at risk of civical cancer
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That could be just an STD or you could be having stomach pains from periods. If you had cancer of the cervix you would have a mass bleed and blood clots as I did then get rushed into hospital. Iv got stage 3 cancer Iv just found out a month ago and I get stomach pains and back pain but not discharge. Just bleeds now and then. Go to your doctor anyway as it could be different for each person and make sure your ok. Hope it all goes well. I'm here for you if you need to talk 24/7 and I'm only young too it can happen to anyone at any age. And it's so scary. I cry all the time cuz I'm scared of dying, Iv just had a baby son I want to be there for him to watch him grow up and be a good mum.
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