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Ca 125
I have read articles about the use of ca 125 after completion of chemo for OVCA as a prognostic factor for recurrence. The one study reported that levels above 10 were predictive of recurrence and above 20 were highly predictive of recurrence but the numbers of people in the study most cited were very small.

My question is do you place credence in this use as a predictor of recurrence if the level is in normal range.

And when does the Ca 125 reach its nadir after initial chemo? I have read 90 days but that seemed long to me.

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Ca 125 should not be solely used to define disease progression if it is increasing, yet lies within normal limit. However, if this situation arises, I would perhaps opt for additional tests like a PET-CT to detect early disease progression.

Ca 125 is one among many parameters that should be monitered after treatment of ovarian cancer.

You may read these abstracts (containing medical jargon) for papers on this topic:

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