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Follow up on my prior post.

DR Kamal,

Mom had stg IV Grade 3 OVC in Nov 07. At diag her CA was 4900.  She had neo-adj chemo with IV taxol and carb for 3 cycles and had surg with no gross disease left behind followed with 3  IV cycles.  On completing treatment her CA was 17.  She was given 3 more IP cycles of cisp as consolidation.  At the end of that her CA was 14 and PET clear

3 Mths after IP consolidation CA  came down to 9.8 and CT came in clear.  

6 Months checkup CA 10.1 and CT clear

9 Months after consolidation CA 27.  We noticed that the normal range in the report says 21 this time.  When we spoke to the lab they said they have new equipment where the normal now is 21

Between this 6 month and 9th month follow-up she had 1 episode of abdomen pain with vomiting that I mentioned earlier and also had a minor accident where a scooter fell on her.  She said that she hurt her self where the IP port was in originally.

When asked the Onc at Bangalore Institute Of Oncology and surgeon at Manipal during her 9 mth check if a PET was required due to this spike they refused and asked us to repeat a CA after 3 months and will evaluate then. Since my mother had a very extensive surgery they had to remove her rectus sheath and replace it with a mesh.  They think there are many factors that could have caused this spike and want to wait for 3 months before the next checkup or if any new symptom developed.

Her 9th month checkup was on Apr 17th.  My mom is in the US with us and returning to Blore on the 30th of July.  She was due for her 12 month checkup on the 17th of this month.  Is it ok to wait for her to return to Blore to get her test done?  

During these 3 months she has had no symptoms develop and has been very active and maintained good nutrition and body weight.  We have had her chest port flushed every 3 weeks.

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It is good to know that she is keeping good health.
Please bring her for checkup as soon as she returns to India. A PET-CT may be a good idea.
Good Luck!
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