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Stage II, invasive ductal carcinoma

Dear Dr. Saini
I have recently been diagnosed with Stage II invasive ductal carcinoma, neg nodes, HR positive, Her2/neu neg. Tumor size 2.1cm. The tumor was very close to the chest wall with 1mm margin. I am also post menopausal.  My question is if radiation or chemo is recommended?  My oncologist has recommended Hormone Therapy, probably Femara. I had a total mastectomy 2 weeks ago.
My tumor is grade II and No LVI.  I have received the Oncotype DX results.. The recurrence score is 22. That indicates a Distant Recurrence % of 14.  This is in the intermediate range.
I appreciate your response, thank you so very much
This is in response to your first answer to my original question.. You requested the tumor grade and if LVI involvement.  I am not sure how to reply , so I am sending the question again.
thank you
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With  2.1 cm tumor, Grade II, intermediate Oncotype, node negative, no LVI, receptor positive, HER2 neg, we are truely in the "grey zone" where there is no strict "correct" treatment decision between chemotherapy versus hormone therapy.
The guidelines say that you must "consider" chemotherapy for two reasons: tumor size is 2.1 cm and tumor grade is II. One additional point of worry is that tumor margin was just 1 mm near the chest wall.
Please obtain the suggestions of your treating doctors, and then take an informed decision.
All the best!
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