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cancer in the brain

My mother-in-law received her results of her MRI of the brain and it showed that the cancer had spread to her brain. I'm going to just put what is on the results. I look some of this up so I do know that the results are not very good,but if someone could explain more to me what this is exactly saying I would appreciate it. the doctors are going to start chemo and radiation. she had radiation once before to lower risk of it spreading here but it still did. she only weighs 90lbs and has been having trouble with writing, coordination,and her eye sight..so heres the results

T1 and T2 images before and after IV injection of 8cc Magnevist show the ventricles to be intact without shift.
There are multiple foci of abnormal T2 hyperintensity in the temporal frontal and parietal lobes as well as in the basal ganglia regions. Some of these lesions are associated with hemorrhagic signal.

After IV contrast injection, enhanced axial,sagittal  and coronal lesions show numerous bilateral enhancing mass lesions involving the posterior fossa as well as both cerebral hemispheres. The largest lesion near the right thalamus measures 17mm. Some of these lesions are associated with some mild surrounding edema.

There is no tonsillar herniation or significant sinusitis.

1. numerous bilateral cerebral and cerebellar metastases. No prior mri scan on file .
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The report of your mother-in-law's brain scan is not good.
Basically it shows multiple metastases (cancer spread). The original site where this cancer began is not clear from this scan. Common tumors that spread to brain include breast and lung.
She needs to get symptomatic treatment for brain metastases, including steroids and radiation therapy.
She also needs additional investigations to identify the primary cancer and plan treatment accordingly.
All the best, and God Bless!
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