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cancer of oesophagus

Dear Doctor,   My cousin of 75 years has been diagnosed with oesophagous cancer.  He had lost quite lot of weight.  He has had two chemo sessions to shrink tumour,- does this mean it was of long standing?    It was then removed surgically           He has not yet been told whether he is to have further chemo sessions.   The consultants say they will know in about 2 weeks from operation date.  Is this a 'bad sign';  would they not know the extent of the cancer from initial tests that were done, or at least from the time of the operation itself?       We are very concerned for him and would be grate for your opinion.
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It is likely that the extent of esophageal tumor is known to the treating oncologists. Initial imaging and other tests are usually accurate in staging the disease.
Your cousin has received two cycles of "neo-adjuvant" or pre-surgical chemotherapy. It is likely that he will get more chemotherapy after surgical scars heal.
All the best, and God Bless!
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Thank you kindly for your reply to my question re oesophagus cancer.   Perhaps they are doing biopsy on lymph nodes.   The main point is that hopefully, eventually, all will go well for him.  My best wishes to you and yours.
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