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10 day post-op update on me!

I am doing really well, guys! My surgical pain is not bad at all anymore. I am still taking muscle relaxers when I need to, and the occasional pain pill, but other than that, I'm doing pretty good on my own. And I actually drove my car yesterday and went to Target! :) I can turn my neck, though it's a little sore when I do it a lot. Right now it feels like when you get a bad muscle sprain or deep bruise (all on the back of my neck). The incision itself doesn't hurt, the area is pretty numb from nerves being cut. The dermabond glue is starting to peel off and it's hard not to pick at it....but I'm trying my best to leave it alone. I don't want to get an infection. It's healing pretty well.

I can't say yet if it's going to help my chiari pain, since my pain was all in my neck and my neck is still sore. But I'm glad I did this. The first few days were terrible pain-wise, but then the recovery sped up a lot once I got over those days. If you'll recall, my doc told me I could hike by 2 weeks...I think I probably could, albeit short flat distances at first. Swimming laps might take longer than the 3-4 weeks he said, because I still have some pain when I lift my arms higher than my shoulders. But I have confidence that I will get there within 5-6 weeks or so. I'm pretty young (just turned 30) and very active, so I think that works in my favor as well, you know?

Anyway, just wanted to update. I highly recommend doing this surgery endoscopically, if it is available to you as an option. It accomplishes the same things (laminectomy, craniectomy, duraplasty, etc) but with a much smaller incision and a less invasive process. I have to give mad props to the Cleveland Clinic.
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  Hi...I am so glad u r doing so well.

Just a word of caution..slow down...don't go too fast...as u can feel it later still....and I know how wonderful most of us do feel right after surgery.....and to continue feeling well....I really believe u have to go slow and not over do it.

Age is a big plus as is how in shape u are or were pre op as to how u will heal post op...all in all u r doing really well, much better than me at that point for sure : )

Keep us posted on the rest of ur recovery


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I am definitely still taking it easy. After I went to Target yesterday, I came home and went to bed and slept for 13 hours!! Little things are wearing me out, but baby steps are good steps. :)
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:)  Wonderful to hear you are doing so well! I must say I laughed though when I saw that you posted that you came home from Target and slept so long!  I feel a little better :)  I was really tired for about three weeks and then I was able to function with my eyes open!  That is amazing that the endoscopic works so well.  I did not drive for five weeks because I did not have enough movement in my neck to feel safe, ten days just amazes me.  Hopefully in no time you are doing all the hiking and swimming that you want! -zygy
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