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2nd opinion dr in Nevada

I have had decompression surgery in 2011 by Dr Carmarta at University of Kansas after many years of suffering and many drs later. I has lots of complications so I has an appointment with Dr Oro which was like a revolving door of testing for nothing. He gave me meds told me I was fat and need weight loss surgery and left me by telling me that I he could not help me and to find a neurologist in my city. I have been to at least 20 doctors here in KC with no help.

I will be in Vegas 04/10-04/14 and wanted to see a dr while I was there. Any one have a good Neurology that I could check out.. I am thinking of moving there if I can find a good dr that can help me with all of my issues. I have so many symptoms and need to find out if I have POTS and EDS. No one specialist has been able to pen down what is going on.

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  Hi cocothuda202 and welcome to the Chiari forum.

Sorry we do not have any listed Drs for that state......I know Dr O is retiring....not sure why you got the treatment you did....not in character that I have heard.We also do not have any listed for Kansas .....

I am aware that weight can play a role in hypertension and can cause ICP like symptoms and many times a Dr will shunt a patient and once you have a shunt it seems you are in for so many more surgeries....losing weight in my opinion is better then facing shunts....at least worth a try....how it may have been presented is another factor....but it may be helpful overall.

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