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3-D floors and smells

Alright..... first i hope that everyone is having a good day.

I seem to have developed some new and interesting symptoms in the last month and would luv some feedback.

I have already asked about the new tongue tingling, throat thickness, burning pain in shoulders, dull ache in arms and legs,  urinary incontinence and bowel problems along with leg twitching and jerking....but I have another completely new one and one that has come back after not having awhile.  

New one first.....(you are going to like this one)..... I was at the airport picking up a friend and I seem to have a problem with the pattern on the floor. I was talking to her as we were waiting for her bags and out of my peripheral vision the pattern on the floor created a 3-d effect! It was crazy. from what I was seeing I could have reached out arm height and touch the floor.

It doesn’t do it when I am looking directly at it. Only when I am looking ahead. I will see it out of the side and down in my field of vision. Really hard to walk when you can’t tell if the floor is one foot below your eye or 5 foot. I have noticed patterns are hard for my brain to process but this is the first time the floor has become like the "magic eye" I loved back in the day. lol

Second is I have been smelling things that are not there. I am the only one. Very frustrating when I am sniffing around the house for a smell. I get some rather odd looks! (even from the dogs) The last smelly smell that I smelled (lol) reminded me of a pool.

Any and all feedback would be great.

Chiari is quite an exciting adventure (minus the unbearable head pain)…. Not really

Thank you so very much!


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   I think it is a cross btwn the pattern itself and the fact we do have this added movement with our eyes and it just throws us off....I know the dark and light pattern is really off putting and is even listed on many chiari symptoms lists from drs...so they acknowledge this issue.

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so the question is why would patterned floors create so much havoc for us visually. I cant seem to find out why that happens. For me it doesnt matter what the color. The patterm throws me off.

I have never had the heat look but my eyes do twitch up and down which makes things squigly. No one can see my eyes doing it but I can see it.

Crazy stuff that makes no sence.

Take care

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  yup...a black and white tiled floor is awful to walk on it will also throw u off balance...but I have had stacks of magazines look like they were hot...u know that wavy look coming off a road...but this is the side of a stack of magazines....almost like it is moving.

I get that with diff things...very strange.

I have found some things bother me as to how they smell....like the type of deodorant my DD uses...every time I was with her I was like what is that smell...found it was her...lol...she has since stop using that brand...but it really got to me.

  And florescent lights r the worst...make me nauseated and light headed....and most things look strange.

Loud noise...places get to me too...or if in a place where there are too many convos going on at once...I can not focus either.....

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I have noticed real issues with this moving pattern thing when there are fluorescent lights.  Lots of people have issues with patterns.  I honestly at times see them moving.  I cant say I have had 3-D vision.  I have had issues with peripheral vision and not being able to see things to the side at times.  

I havent had issues with smells.  Although, I have had issues with sounds.  Hearing things that no one else hears.  Getting loud noises confused.  Not being able to listen to loud music like I used to love.  It is like the signal gets confused.  I also have issue at times being able to being able to compute what people are saying... I can hear the words but they dont make sense.  

I hope this helps.

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I am just so relieved i am not the only one!

I did not have any worse of a headache after the smelly smell than I have everyday. I will keep track but dont think that it is migraine related. i dont have many of the classical migraine symptoms! (like light and sound sensitivity)

I have not noticed the lights bothering me but i do have issues with strobe type lights or fast moving objects.

We were waiting for a train one day coming home and the motion of it passing in front of us was enough to kick in the vertigo. weird when you feel like your going to fall over and your sitting in the car. I had to turn around and make conversation with my kids in the back seat so I could not see the movement at all.

Also watching the kids play guitar hero is something I can not do anymore. Playing it is out of the question too. get too dizzy after a few seconds and I have to look away.

Thank you very much.

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OMG this totally happens to me! On Halloween this late year I was at a friends house and they had this table cloth that would do the same thing when not looking directly at it. I asked my boyfriend it it did that to him and he said it looked a bit weird to him, but to me it was freaky!    I also have a hard time looking at some of the new LED Christmas lights. They hurt my eyes and make my head feel weird. Some florescent lights bug me as well.  I recently came down with vertigo, and these things have been worse since then. Sometimes, I almost feel like I'm going to have a seizure when I look at something strobing ect. never had that sensation before the vertigo.    
  About the smelling issue, I too have had this happen. Smelling coffee that isn't there *****! It is linked to migraines sometimes, called a aura. It is like a warning of an pending migraine. Some people have smells, some people see lights, but it is not uncommon to have an aura so try to note if you tend to get a bad headache after you smell things that aren't there.    
   Hope this helps Jen, nice to know someone else see's 3-D objects and smells stuff that only you smell.   Stacey
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