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A bad Chiari day?

I'm having intense neck pain and stiffness as well as indescribable (I'm sure many of you know) building pressure from the back of my head through my ears.  I'm having trouble with my words and feel weak with some tingling in my legs and some blurred vision.  While these symptoms aren't new, they are extreme today and I'm wondering if my exacerbated symptoms today is random or if there was something I did (or didn't do) to make things worse today.  I'm in so much pain, I'm in tears.  I haven't been able to find any relief yet and am wondering if others experience these symptoms in this way and have figured out how to lessen their impact.  Thanks for any advice you may have.
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Hi...I am so sorry u r having such a bad pain day today...I know all too well what they r like.

May I ask what did u do yesterday?...ne stress?....most times we can look to teh day b4 to see what is the cause.

Also, how did u sleep last night?

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I've had those days where my symptoms are 10 times worse and have me in tears(i'm sure we all have) do you remember doing anything different? straining, heavy lifting even bumpint your head? i got to work one day in a hurry and by noon i was almost crying bc my back hurt so much and it radiated pressure up my spine into my head...i then realized someone switched out my chair. believe it or not a chair made a big difference for me. so i took a chair similar to the one i had that is firm and gives me support in my back and it made a diff. When was your last MRI? last doc visit??
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Hi, Selma

I had a cardiology appointment in the morning, then I worked from home for 2 hours before getting a cervical spine/flexion xray, CTA of my brain, and MRI of the cervical spine.  I actually had some down time as my kids were out last night, so I didn't have that after work stress to manage.  As for sleep, I haven't slept much over the past 3 days, although last night, once I fell asleep (around 1:30am), I didn't wake up or toss and turn.  I'm eager to hear your thoughts and ideas.  I used to have a high pain tolerance, but this is nothing I could have imagined.  Thanks.
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Well just the noise from an MRI can set off a pain like u mention.

Plus u had a cardiology appointment...which may have included some stress.....all this together with the lack of sleep u have been missing could be y u feel as poorly today as u do.

I can only suggest find a way to relax..a warm soak in the tub, and sleep as much as u can....

and I also feel my tolerance for pain is also high, but I also get those days where I wonder how much more can I take....we all do....but chiarians r very strong people : )

May I ask what all was involved at ur cardio visit?

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I didn't even think about the MRI noise...hmmm...Lack of sleep makes sense, too. As for the cardiologist, I had an EKG and alot of waiting (haha).  My doc was able to finally figure out what my heart is up to (after a bunch of other previous tests) and referred me to an electrophysiologist for next steps.  I was actually relieved that my doc wasn't blowing me off because of my age anymore...All in all it was a good appointment.  I think we need to design a Chiari badge of courage.  This condition is alot for anyone to bear.  Thanks for your help, Selma.  I feel calmer already.
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I find lack of sleep makes everything much worse, I have also been told by my doctors that stress can cause problems......
unfortunately it is a vicious circle, you cant sleep, the pain gets worse making it even more difficult to sleep and you end up getting stressed.........never ending.

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