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Has anyone tried acupuncture? What were your thoughts and experiences?

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I have tried acupuncture in the past and it helped with neck and shoulder pain. My concern at the time was and still is:
acupuncture is reducing the pain and helping with movement but pain is a sign of disease and acupuncture is masking the pain not really treating the cause. It is also expensive :)
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The physiotherapist I was going at 4 years ago did some accuponture. It did help but for verry brief time, between a few hours up to 2 days. But when my insurances ran short I stop going. So it help even so briefly. It was for neck and shoulder pain to.
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It depends on the acupuncturist. Accupuncture works in uniform populations that have genetically similar nerve patterns. The patterns taught in traditional Chinese medicine do not necessary work well for a European. In terms of pain relief, the brain seems to able to recognize only one signal at a time. Furthermore the signals are prioritized in terms of perceived danger to the organism. Thus an injury to the face is seen as a greater danger than one to the thigh. The small needle causes a signal to the brain that injury is taking place, even though it may be painless. This signal can block an actual signal from another area. It has not been well studied in the west.
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Interesting! I did't know that! So accupuncture would work better on an Asian person that on a Caucasian one! Wow!
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  If I understand his meaning is go to a Chinese acupuncturist....as their methods of doing this procedure is different .

I have a friend who is married to a Chinese man and she tried acupuncture and was not impressed until he took her to a Chinese practitioner of this and found there is a huge difference.

JMHO on the comment

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I seldom post but read often.  

I have had acupunture and things went great for about a year; however I went one day and things felt  great the rest of the day.

I woke up later in the night with the worst headache,dizzeness,throwing up that I ever had.  It seemed my life was out of control and at the time I really did not care what happened to me.  my blood pressure was very very low for some reason.

My wife took me to the ER; they did CT scan, nothing new here than already known, the nest thing was blood draws - still nothing - I was just in so much pain and so so so sick. my blood pressure was going down even more.

Next step was thought that perhaps I somehow had spinal miningitis.  The spinal tap was then done after talking about the possible challenges with this proceure and chiari.

This test came back negative and my blood pressure was slowly improving hour by hour.  At the end of the day after being in the ER now for about 9  hours my blood pressure was back to normal.  I was then released from the hospital, what a day.  

I went to the scheduled Acupunture and talked to the "DOC"  he said that he must have been to aggresive with the treatment the last time I was there.  We both decided that it was in my best interest to no longer have acupunture.  

I loved it for a year and it was great for pain for the neck and shoulders and headaches for a year.  

I hold nothing against the doctor and this is just my experiences.

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