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Ambien and its side effects

I take my medication how my dr prescribes at night for sleep. It works well most of the time but on some occasions I get sick and dizy about 30 min later. I'm not up doing anything. Has anyone else has these symptoms?. I have Chiari and take this for my insomnia.  any help or insight would be appreciated.
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  Hi...I tried a few different sleep aids and nothing really worked well for me....until recently I was put on strong meds the same as I had post op, but this time I was instructed to use an antihistamine along with it, I have bit types a non drowsy formula and one that will make u drowsy I first took the reg one that makes u drowsy at bedtime and I slept well, so I continue to take it b4 bed and it helps me, plus it also helps with my PND issue...so a 2fer.
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I am also prescribed ambien.  I also take xanax so what I do is take my xanax an hour or so before going to bed and take the ambien when I go and lay down.  When I was prescribed ambien I tried taking it while still being up and it didn't help me at all.  Taking it right when I go to bed seems to help.  I sleep a little longer and heavier.  Hope this helps a little bit.
Linda :)
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I tried ambien,and at first it helped..After taking it for awhile,I woke up after 4 hours. Another alarming note,I was sleepwalking on it,and found I was eating and didn't even realize it. I would wake up in the morning,and find a knife,sticking out of the peanut butter,etc. It scared me,and have even heard about someone driving,while sleepwalking. SCARY. The only med that has really helped me sleep is xanax and amytriptyline. The neurologist told me that anyone that has a brain condition shouldn't take xanax,as it is very slowly metabolized and could cause seizures. He said Ativan would be better. It doesn't stay in your body as long as xanax. Good luck.
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Thank you for all the comments. This has helped my thought process.
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