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Well I'be been a stranger lately. Have been reading posts every now and then.

One of the symptoms that was very bad at times before the surgery .... it was gone. I felt almost
normal, well except for still being totally exhausted physically, up until a few days ago. Some things
happened, that really didn't amount to much really, but for whatever reason the anxiety just went haywire.
Everything was bugging me, even when I had the munchies so I ate the last few pretzels. Then I started
worring about the fact that my wife may have wanted some and here they were in my gut. Stupid I know,
my wife could care less give her a cup of coffee that's all she cares about, now If someone where to
drink the last of the coffee she may have a problem with that but she'd just go uptown and get more.

Anyway, no doubt some of you know what I'm talking about. My question is for those of you who have
had the decompression. Most of my previous symptoms have left for now. Some have returned in the
last week or so but with much less intenseity and for far shorter periods of time. Such as the numb fingers,
now they come and go before it 24/7. I can handle this. HA's at this point are so much better it's not
funny almost not there some days other than the strain from my neck muscles still a bit sore causing
HA if the wrong movement is made by me. But he did say 6 mos. min to completely recover and he did
tell me that surgery may make some symptoms worse but we'd hope for the best. Was the surgery successful?
IMO- ABSOLUTELY~ But this anxiety.... for those that had it before surgery, did it diminish over time
for you or not? I can take a chill pill and everything is fine and feel normal for a few hours. But I hate pills
and this has been like four days now. So today we get a chill pill [valium] but just would like to know if
this is Chiari or if maybe all the stress that past few mos have triggered something else.

The Wolf
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Wow...couldn't have it expressed what goes on ne better....yes, I had that anxiety as well....not over  the last of the pretzels mind u, but over little things and from what I understand our emotions will vary like this just like the symptoms coming and going....bcuz our brainstems were involved...it is also healing so, use the valium now only when u really need it...I did....and no longer need it....and yes I had the numbness come back in my fingers and got depressed bcuz it was gone...but it went away...and prior to surgery it was 24/7 for me too.Same with my leg numbness....for the most part it is gone...but once in awhile...it pops in for a short visit.....and I also agree well worth the surgery to cut most of it back...HA's r diminished.....had only 1 bad one last Sunday.....so I am happy too!

So, yes, I feel what u r experiencing is chiari related and ur brainstem healing.

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Hi wolf,
I agree with Selma however I would also advise caution with drugs like valium.
I have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for many years. I was on valium and atavan at different times down through the years. My experience with these drugs is that they deal with the symptom by masking them but the anxiety is still there in the background waiting to rare its ugly head. Add to this the risks of becoming dependant on these drugs and you are walking a thin line.
The only advice I can offer is that drugs of this nature are only a short term solution…

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I must agree with Ray...in the short term use of this and if I didn't make that clear I am sorry...I only used it if needed and for a very short time frame.

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Agree completely on any pills. This particular one is the type of drug that I protest the most. Today is the first I've had one since before the Surgery. Herbs are not always any better in the long run, but I tend to look at them as the lesser evil. For me the best answer has always been to change foods or my situation. I thow away more drugs than I take in fact there are only 5 pain pills gone out the bottle the doc sent home with me after surgery. Not trying to press this idea on anyone, it's just my personal choice. I've dealt with pain meds since the day I was born... just don't want them in my system when there is a way around it.

Good point about the brainstem issues Selma... don't know why but that didn't even cross my mind.
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BTW- Thanks Rod. I appreciate that advise very much. I had an aunt
who commited suicide by pills as a young teenager. It permenatly scared
upon my mind the dangers of prescription pills. Valuim was one of the pills
she took. :-\
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Strange you should say that, I had a similar experience with my mum’s sister, she died by suicide and I was only talking to a friend about it last night!
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It's been almost 5 months since my last surgery. I thought the anxiety and panic attacks would never go away, had them several times a week, and also lasted for days on end.  The dr said due to brain settling.  I still have attacks (all over the little things), but not as often, maybe once a week (last for a few hours), taking no meds for them, using breathing exercises.  Taking no meds for the 1st time in 9yrs and hope to keep it that way.  

I also have an aunt die by suicide, in August, in pain and did not want to depend on meds.  

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