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Anyone diagnosed with bilateral vestibular hypofunction?

I woke up on 12-13-16 with loss of my spacial awareness. The day before, I was under a lot of stress and had a somewhat traumatic event. That morning I was so scared, I didn't know how to describe what I was feeling. I went to the doctor and she felt it was anxiety related and put my back on my anxiety meds, Clonazapam. I had decided to try to live without the medicine and up until that day I was coping alright. Now, when me meds start to not work from tolerance, I start getting symptoms back. Sometimes I just stop taking them so that they work better and when I do this, I start to become completely uncoordinated. I'm so scared. No one really understands what it feels like until you have it but it's like the worst brain fog i've ever experienced. My eyes hurt, head hurts, loud noises are too much, busy places are over stimulating. I can't drive without fear, and putting makeup on is a joke when you can't tell with direction to move your arm...while looking in a mirror. I'm really at my tipping point (excuse the pun) I'm really losing it. The doctor told me results over the phone. I told my sister and she said I was acting like it was the end of the world. I'm again feeling very alone.
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Hi Stacy...sorry to hear you continue to have issues and feel alone.....I know how scary this can be, but I have not had symptoms like those...and can only imagine how you feel.
I wish I had words of wisdom or some insight but I don't....but know you are never alone.....we are always here for you.<3
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Thank you Selma. I've moved closer to Seattle hoping for better care but it's hit and miss. Some are great, others are cruel.
hear it is beautiful up there....as the theme song went for a TV show, the blueist skies you'll ever see....lol...I have had my share of Drs that I would not allow to treat any animal....sad.
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