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Anyone ever experience an episode of incredible shaking from neck to toes?

I have been experiencing back pain, tingling head to toes with two really bad episodes and unbalanced walking .  My cerebellar tonsils are 6mm as of June 2019.  Not much different than the December 2017 one.  I have had pressure symptoms in my head much of the time with headaches only when I lie on my back flat.  I have a fabulous physio who has kept we stable for 10 years. However I had a bad fall December 2018 resulting in a compression fracture of the thoracic 5 vertebrae.  Since then I had mostly right shoulder blade pain until recently when these other symptoms started. A CT of my head was fine.
The other night I went to emergency for incredible burning pain in my arms. After sitting an hour my feet started shaking like crazy and it went right up to my neck. It never involved my head. It didn't get better lying down so I got up and walked.  It settled and I came home.  Arms were better too.  I saw on the John Hopkins website this shaking could be attributed to miscommunication between the cerebellum and the rest of the brain.  
All very interesting but would rather read about it than experience it.  Comments appreciated. Thanks. O
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Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum if you are a new poster....sorry I couldn't check your bio, I get an error page?? Anyway , to answer your question I have to ask you a couple....first when you had your recent MRI what was it of?  A brain MRI, cervical spine, thoracic , lumbar? Have you had a CINE MRI?

I ask because you said the cerebral tonsils remain the same as a prior MRI, but again it depends on where they are looking to know what else may be going on.

Most times issues like shaking or referred pain is a miscommunication  to the brain.....same with drop attacks and so on......but what is causing it is more important .

I am wondering if you developed a syrinx.....due to your description of the symptoms.
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Yes there s syrinx in the thoracic spine and the neurosurgeon and neurologist are questioning a syrinx in the brain. I cannot find much info on brain syrinx.  You are so knowledgeable, perhaps you can guide me. Thanks.
Is it possible they meant brainstem? Since you had an injury to the thoracic spine it is most likely that the syrinx in that area is due to that injury....
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