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Are there Specialist that review MRI to help patients get proper care?

Hello all Chiarians,

  A few years ago there where a few Chiari Specialist who reviewed patients MRI.
  Is this still possible? to anyone's knowledge.
   I'm asking this,because I'm clearly symptomatic by many Doctors accounts.
  However because of my states Medicaid services lack of access to available specialist I'm forced to try to get recommendation from true Chiari Specialist, being there are no Chiari clinics within my state.
  After fighting for years,it's so difficult to understand that my disability, that warrants Medicaid services has been made available.
Only to find out my state has no Chiari Specialist, and Medicaid only allows me to see in state surgeons.
  This seems as if, it's my "fault" this state has no specialist & to worsen things my life hangs in the wind because of the lack of Specialist within my state.
   What do others do that have more common illness?
  I'm on a search for true help,my case is well documented & I can't figure out a way to see a true specialist.
    It's as if,because my state has no specialist,then my life should be left in the hands of a unqualified surgeon.
      Does this not seem illogical to others? Any and all info and suggestions would be a true blessing to me.
       Have a blessed day
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What state are you in?   I'm not sure how this would work with Medicaid. But I filed a network adequacy exception with my states insurance commissioner. Basically stating that Chiari is rare and my specialist wasn't in network. I could find that paperwork and let you copy it word for word (changing doctors names, with your closest specialist) and I got it approved so quickly!

We should not be at the mercy of neurosurgeons that do not know how to treat us. Let me know if you want more info and I'll find it for you.
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Thanks Selmas :-)

  I remember a few years ago many people had records reviewed by Dr.Oro at that time.
   I tried to search for those threads,but had no luck.
Best to ya Selmas
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  Hi, yes many of the Chiari specialists will review your MRI....some do it free while others do it for a nominal fee.

You can ask your Drs to consult with them as well......any of the well known Drs typically will help with this.
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