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BE PREPARED! A pre-appointment to do list

Since when did the requirements of being a patient mean that we have to push to get tests done and then be labeled "difficult."  I have never been to the doctor this many times in my life (I am 43 years old) as I have in the past 6 months!   I have to comb thru my medical records because my newly discovered medical allergies are not listed...REALLY?!  Then, I have to contact my GP's office to make sure that they are corrected, as well as get new copies to be sure.  Here is what I have found to be helpful, a To Do list of sorts.
1)  Get copies of ALL medical records and MRI, xray and whatever else films (INCLUDING the reports!) from every doc you have seen.  You may want to get 2-3 copies of the films, keep one for yourself.  Also, always get updates to your records after a visit.
2) Check over all the records- make sure they are correct
** I have an allergy to amox, lefloxin, hydro, steroid (That's what started all these extreme symptoms in the first place!), celebrex and nuerotin.  Half of those allergies were not recorded as an allergy.  There were discrepancies all through my records> **
3) Correct them with your GP and/or current docs.
4)  Scan the records into the computer, Word or PDF are good programs to use, and keep the physical records in order by date in a medical file.
5)  Take a couple of days to write down your symptoms or weird things that happen while they happen.  Sometimes the most innocent things are the most important.  I did a blow by blow when I was having an "episode."  This will help you when you go to your appointments, that way you don't have to constantly keep repeating the same thing over and over again 3-5 times.  You also won't forget anything.  That way your doc can see your complaints.  You may want to put your list of symptoms in a bullet-ed list, it;'s just easier and faster to read.
6) DO YOUR RESEARCH!  Know what tests should be done, what is commonly misdiagnosed and have a list of questions or concerns you have for the dr on a piece of paper.  Explain to the doc that you appreciate that he is very busy but you are scared and need some direction.  This will help put them on your side and take a little time with you without being quite so rushed.  

I have had to learn all this the hard way, as I am still searching for answers.  I hope you can learn from my own mistakes and not have so much of your time wasted.  The longer you have to wait, the higher the risks and the worse the pain.  Good luck!
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  I know and I agree, but we have been saying to always get copies of ALL testing and to keep ur own records, I have a book that I take to ALL appointments it has tabs in it and one is for ALL my Drs names, addresses, phone #'s etc as when u go to a new one they want all that info which I do not know off hand, another tab has all my appointment dates so I know when and whom I saw last by looking, another tab for all the appointments I keep my BP, and all my other vitals from that day, along with what was discussed and changes to ne meds  or upcoming testing,.....
Oh and I do have a tab for all my meds, dates they changed or stopped and y...ie- allergic reaction ....all I do is make a copy of it and leave it with the Dr....and with each Dr or ER visit I have all my info in my book, it is easy to grab and take along...
Many times I went into an appointment to find my Dr had not yet received copies of recent test reports, but having them sent to me, I had them,...my Dr now asks for my book and he records into it for me....and he is grateful for my records....and it has helped with fewer visits being rescheduled due to MIA reports......and I know my questions in advance as I can review the reports and ask about things mayb the Dr did not go over....

For peace of mind I feel  it is well worth the efforts...
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