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Back and neck pain

My 8 year old son had decompression surgery in Jan 08 and for the last 2 months has been
suffering from pain in his upper back, neck and shoulders.   A physical therapist says he has large knots in his muscles.  the therapy helps a little but his pain is constant.
Has anyone else had this experience after surgery?
Also he has short statue but his thyroid tests have come back normal.???
Any suggestions?
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Hi...see u made it over....this is not as active a forum as the one u were at...so while u wait for an answer...read thru some of the threads here...u might find some answers...and who to direct ur questions to.

Good luck
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Did he start physical therapy shortly after his surgery or more recently? If more recently he could have quite a bit of scar tissue. The more neck therapy he does, the better he should feel.

You might ask his physical therapist or doctor if it's okay for him to take hot showers/baths or soak in a suana. It helps me with my neck pains - it helps release the tention and nots.

I have a 22' neck, so I had a pretty rough time with therapy and I have to keep up my exersizes, if I skip more than a day, it starts hurting and gets difficult to move my head around. And it's been six months since my surgery.

As for his height; Is he extremelly small in stature, or just low end of normal, or what? If his thyroid is producing right, then I wouldn't overly worry about that. Sometimes people are just short :).
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i still have some neck pain and im 7 months out of surgery, i had several knots while in therepy one that they worked on for my whole session and still couldn't get out but im feeling a lot better than i was before, it gets better with time
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