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Barometric pressure.

I have been having problems with my ears due to the weather.  It is really humid here. Anyone else? They feel full. And i have alot of pressure in them.  
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HI, I posted a question a while back asking a similar question.


The weather can affect each of us differently.....I do not have  the ful ear sensations that you describe, but I do feel like a wallking barometer.
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I been feeling the same way .
My ears are full and itching.
Nose numb
Legs numb
My arm feel like its winter time with an extra numb bum.
I'm having decompression soon as I melt off a few more pounds in my bed .
God help me
As usual....
Still blessed
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What is the date of your surgery. if you would like post it in the thread for surgery dates and we can post a Prayer Thread for you. I'll bump up that thread
Hi Selma
I will definitely let everyone know when my surgeon in San Antonio Tx sets the date ..
Its hotter than Haiti.
I'm pushing for fall .
Very good....fall does sound better for surgery,,,I had mine is spring and was told to keep the incision covered from the sun as you do not want the area to get a sunburn.....but at the same time you have to keep it clean....so I got a hat that worked well.
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I'm dealing with other issues so Im not certain this time. IMO though this is from the storms lately and now weird heat. But it started nearly 3 weeks back for me. Entire body pain radiating from my neck [of course] but also mid back and low lumbar. I have pains in those areas anyway. No one seems to be able to figure it out. I really wonder if the combination of hydro, posterior fossa arachnoid cyst [symptoms are similar for me just a couple of added things I've not seen mentioned here much] and whatever damage is left to the nerves Mr Chiari liked so well before the decompression.

Long winded tonight - sorry about that. Short simple response would have Absolutely

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PS- And the CM fog has been extreme lately. It is bad enough I haven't been able to focus to work on my programs. Or the book for that matter. Gotta be the weather
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Hi Bro...this weather has been getting to me as well.....i am certainly in a fog lately too...
Hope you can get back to the book, I want the first copy !!
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