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Bladder Spasms followed leg spasms

Not really a question but sharing in case someone else experiences this.  This morning at 3:30 I woke to what I thought was labor.  Seriously ladies!  I've been there twice and it was comparable to that.  

I knew that wasn't it. So I thought maybe a kidney stone?  I've heard those are nasty.  

It came and went.  Then was gone.  Came back later when I could contact Dr office.

Back history is I've been dealing with a lot of leg spasms. I had a bad flare up last week. Horrible shoulder/cape pain.  Numb arms and just week!  What followed was an increase in leg spasms.

Turns out they made their way north to my Bladder.  Dr increased my Baclofen and its already helping.  

Sure would have been nice to know ahead of time that this could happen! I almost went to ER.

I had decompression in 2009.  I'm worse off now then before surgery.  We think because EDS.

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  Hi and welcome back....wish you had a better update ....

EDS can affect recovery for sure.....and I have been DX'd with a neurogenic bladder....but I also have tethered cord which can also affect the bladder....

I have had issues and went to the ER with what I thought was stones of some sort as well....many muscle spasms too....

Did you not have EDS ruled out b4 surgery?

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Wish I had better update as well! It is what it is.

No it wasn't until just recently with a new nl it was discussed.  
I can see with the spasms someone would go to ER. So painful!  
I've never had a spinal mri! Scary huh?
I've had to resign from my job.  So now I have insurance that is crazy pricy. New nl really wants that spinal Mri.

Gonna have to wait till 2016.
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  So sorry you are having to deal with all of this....but know it may not be the Chiari directly or surgery related issues you are having....it could be a related condition like EDS....not that it is a good thing, but may help if it does not lead back to a 2nd decompression surgery....

Hang in there , try to keep positive and update here  when you can.
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