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Hi I wanted to get a list started for those of you in Canada...I am not sure if these drs r indeed chiari specialists, but found their names listed on another chiari site.Please RESEARCH all drs and do not take this list as a reference.
Let us know if u saw ne of these drs and what  thought.


Dr. Rudolph Arts
Barrie, Ontario
(ph) 705.721.1060

Dr. Paul Muller
Chief of Neurosurgery
St. Michael's Hospital
Toronto, Ontario
(ph) 416.864.5590

Dr Hurlbert
Foothills Hospital
Calgary, AB, Canada

Dr. Rutka
Sick Children's Hospital
Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Ramesh Sahjpaul
Neurological Sciences
339 Windermere Road,
London, Ontario N6A 5A5
(ph) 519.663.3706
(fax) 519.663.3753
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I guess I should add mine to this thread too:

Dr. Richard Reid
605 Discovery St.
Victoria, BC

A really great person and an excellent surgeon, comes highly recommended!! I don't think he is considered a "chiari" specialist but he had a really good knowledge of Chiari and what effects it can cause...in my case he was also the one who dx'd it.

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by 4_mama, 3 minutes ago
This is the neurosurgeon who completed my husband's decompression surgery May/10 in Ontario, Canada.

Dr Ronald Pokrupa
Areas of Clinical Interest:
Neurosurgery, Chiari Malformation and Syringomyelia, CNS Neoplasia, Cervical Spine Surgery

Contact Information:
Department of Surgery
Kingston General Hospital, Victory 3-361
Kingston, ON K7L 2V7
Tel: 613.549.6666 x. 6282
Fax: 613.548.1346
Hi 4_mama. I'm from Kingston as well. Wondering if you would like to chat. I help Chiari patients through my charity. We held a walk in Sept and were on CKWS October 1st :)
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Dr Fred Gentili
Telephone: (416) 603-5250
Address: 399 Bathurst Street,
Toronto ON, Canada
M5T 2S8

Dr. R. Loch Macdonald
Phone: 416-864-5452
Fax: 416-864-5634
E-mail: ***@****
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Thanks for the add on of names...soon this list will be as large as the US one : )
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Doctor Iftikhar Ul Haq

Thunder Bay Health Sciences Centre
Division of Neurosurgery
980 Oliver Road Room 1020
Thunder Bay
P7B 6V4

Phone: (807) 684-6722
Fax: (807) 684-5811
Gender: Male
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Hi, I'm going in Monday for my Surgery (so hopefully he's good! -LOL)

Dr. Richard Perrin
St. Michael's Hospital
Toronto, Ontario
(ph) 416.864.5503
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Good luck!  I know another person who had their decompression surgery at St. Michaels, I hope everything goes well!  Please let us know how everything goes,
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bumping up for new members
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Bumping up for new members and whoever might have a specialist to add to the list!

Dr Miller, at St Michaels hospital has retired.
Oops, I meant Dr. Muller has retired. So has Dr. Rudolf Arts, who is a neurologist.
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I just had my surgery March 27 2010.
Dr Shamisa who is the top neurologist and also works out of Hotel Dieu hospital in Windsor Ontario preformed my surgery. He is very compassionate & caring individual who takes his time and explains things thouroghly to you and your family. He is great and I would recommend him to anybody!

Neurosurgical Associates
1106 Ouellette Ave # 205
Windsor, Ontario, N9A-1C9
Phone: 519 973-8771  Abdalla Shamisa
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Thanks so much for adding that to our list! There is such a need for NS experienced in Chiari in Canada!
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Are there any in Eastern Canada?
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I think most of the Canadian members here are from back East (except myself). Hopefully, this will bump this post to the top and they will see it!!

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Is there a Chiari specialist in the maritime provinces: New-Brunswick or Nova-Scotia?
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  Hi there may well be, but our list is only of the drs that the members have been to and liked....this is not a referral, but a means to help u get started with ur research of Drs.

  I have found soooooooooo many lists of Drs online only to find that  the Dr is retired , or is not a chiari specialist.By creating our own list we know these Drs  treat chiari....and we do try to update it when we hear of a Dr that retires.
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I just wanted to add a name of the neurologist I saw today, who was totally amazing, and actually officially diagnosed me with symptomatic Chiari Type 1.  He was totally knowledgeable about Chiari (he actually brought it up before I did) and reviewed my MRIs, confirming that I have definite crowding at the foramen magnum, and most importantly finding a 2mm syrinx at the C2 level that two other neurologists and various hospital staff had managed to miss, even though it's definitely visible on all three of my MRIs!  He also sent in a referral for me to see a neurosurgeon today, too.  Amazing doctor, can't recommend him enough!

Dr Zahir Dhalla
1 Centrepointe Dr  (#301)
Ottawa, ON
K2G 6E2
(613) 225-2131
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  Thanks for adding this name, I am sure fellow Canadians will also appreciate u sharing this info : )
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Yeah, I figured it could help out a bit; info for any neuros in Ottawa is basically impossible to come by, so hopefully if someone out there is stumbling around looking for a neuro in Ottawa that knows his stuff and doesn't have to google Chiari, they'll at least have a lead. :)
I have Dr Rabinovitch in Ottawa. Ottawa is extremely fortunate to have so many wonderful Chiari knowledgeable NLs & NSs!
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I guess I'll add mine, too...

Dr. Mark Hamilton
Department of Neurology
Foothills Medical Center &
Alberta Children's Hospital
Calgary, Alberta
I was hoping to hear of some in Western Canada as well .. Hopefully good
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  Thanks for adding to this list....the more names, the more choices for future members looking for help...thanks again for sharing : )
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mdavid...can you tell me about him, in a PM or something...I'm trying to get into him right now!
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I just wanted to inform you that Dr. Ramesh Sajhpaul is now in North Vancouver BC.  He is the neurosurgeon who I was sent to.  I am due to go back and see him again in a couple of months.  He was informative ( I now know more about my condition than I have in over ten years).  
The address is:
Dr. Ramesh Sajhpaul
#405 - 125E 13th Street
North Vancouver, BC   V7L 2L3
(604) 904 - 7467
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Just had the Chiari decompression surgery with duraplasty. Done at the Calgary Foothills Hospital,  by Dr Jacobs Bradley. Surgery was on a Friday, I wanted to leave Saturday but he said to wait one more day, which I did & left Sunday.  Kicked back at home for a few weeks & all is good. Had a sryinx between my neck and shoulder blades which made my whole back hurt, needed heating pad for hours aday, as far as I know all pain has gone not sure about pressure head aches, because I have not done any physical activity yet.        Darrrich

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