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Can Arnold Chiari reoccur after 15 years?

I had surgery for Chiari in 1993.  For the last three years, I have been having very bad headaches only n one side if my head.  I get dizzy a lot and have fallen a few times.  I have been given braces to support my ankles but have fallen while wearing them.

Before my surgery many years ago, the biggest issue I had was extreme numbness in my legs.  I was in a wheelchair for awhile.  Can the cerebral tonsils slip again after surgery?

Also, is there a listing of Chiari specialists in Northern CA?
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  Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

Most times during decompression surgery Drs do not touch the cerebral tonsils....some times they remove them, and others they cauterize them to help them retract.....BUT even with cauterization they may not retract completely....the issues is we do not have room for them this is why they herniate in the first place....so with decompression they create more room and leave the tonsils...

What could have happen is scar tissue can form causing another CSF obstruction....or you may have a related condition flaring up at this time.

Not sure if the area you want Northern CA is included in this list....


Dr. Langston Holly
Dr. Ulrich Batzdorf
UCLA, Westwood, CA
UCLA/Santa Monica Medical Center

Paul S. Jackson, M.D., Ph.D.
Palo Alto Center
795 El Camino Real
Level 3, Lee Building
Palo Alto, California 94301
(650) 853-2919

Dr. Jorge Lazareff, MD
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center
200 Medical Plaza, Suites 140
Peter Morton Medical Build
Los Angeles, CA
(310)794-7700 Patient appoint.

Dr. Samuel F. Ciricillo
2800 L Street $5
Sacramento, CA

  Please keep in mind this list is NOT a referral nor endorsement it is here for you to use to research Drs.
Thank you, I did find soneone close-by on your list.
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  Glad you were able to locate someone....don't forget to do some research on that person.....and you may want to get a few opinions, so seeing one or two others is best to compare......

Keep us posted.
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I have heard of many people having to have multiple decompression surgeries. Unfortunately maybe after so long things may have to be resolved again. Best of luck I will say a prayer for you. Definitely keep ua updated
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