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Can Chiari cause tightness in your chest?

Hi, I've just found you! I've just recently been told I have a Chiari malformation after a CT scan and am waiting for an MRI to investigate syringomelia. I was wondering if anyone has experienced breathing issues as this is an extra problem I've been experiencing and am wondering if its connected to the Chiari or a separate health issue like asthma? Thanks for listening
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Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.
Many with Chiari have found they have more then just Chiari as it doesn't seem to come alone.....Syringomyelia, depending on where in the spine it is located can cause breathing issues....and there could be other related conditions causing it as well...including anxiety over your diagnosis.
Please talk to your Dr about your symptoms and make sure you are tested to rule out other possible causes.
Keep us posted on what you find out.
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Hi Selma
Hi SelmaS,
Thank you for the welcome and for answering. I’m so glad I found this forum, I’d never even heard of Chiari before. It’s good to know there are others out there. Judy
No worries, there are many with Chiari, as a matter of fact there are more with Chiari then MS.....it is just not well known even in the medical field.
I had surgery for Chiari in May of '09.....and I am one of the lucky ones, so far I have only had one surgery. The  key in all of this is to educate yourself, and find the right Dr for you.
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