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Can anyone tell me how long after chiari surgery when do you start to feel better?

Today has been three weeks since my decompression surgery and I still have the pain I had before the surgery plus new pain like headaches neck and back pain. It took 18 months to be properly diagnosed. My main pain was in my arms and hands like you hit your funny bone all the time. I suffer from insomnia also mostly due to the pain. Would like to hear from people who have had this surgery on how long it was until they felt a change in their symptoms.
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Recovery is really an individual thing. Meaning it will be different for everyone depending on your health, surgery etc.  However, I was told 6-8 weeks. Mine took longer because I was bullheaded and pushed more than was wise. That said it was a good 12 weeks but again I pushed it and that slowed healing.

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Thank you for your post. Today was the worst day i have had so far. The headache has put me in tears today and no meds are helping. i just read your post about mmj and am thinking of going that way. I took off of work  until  november 1st but don't know if i will be able to go back. It seems like the pain is worse after operation.
Again we all heal at different rates. We also have different ideas about what pushing it means. (Not saying that you are) I recall a conversation with my NS early on. Headaches were different but bad. He asked about my activities. Long story short he told me that a gallon of milk was too much. He suggested no lifting for a time. Ugh Patience though, it can be hard because your body and mind have been tormented through all of this. But trust that a calm but positive patience on your part will help the healing process. In the mean time keep the line open here as most here will understand the frustration.

As for MMJ - It takes much research to find what is right for your system. It absolutely does work for me. I would suggest you wait until the stitches are out though. The reason being that it is a blood thinner. It is also the best anti-inflammatory I've ever had though. When you are ready holler and I'll help if possible.

Thank you. My Stitches are out. Last week my neck went into spasm and locked up my back and the arm pain was bad. I went to pain mgmt and they put me on muscle relaxers, oxycodone, and gabpentin. I felt better and probably did too much on saturday then got the worst headache of my life on sunday. My husband was ready to take me to hospital but i don't think i would have survived the 10 min ride.  I could not move my head. Took meds all day. Called my surgeon today and am waiting for a call back. Made an appointment with my GP doctor who is also licensed for mmj in my state. My husband is afraid as well am i of becoming addicted to the oxy. I was misdiagnosed in april and told the pain in my arms was due to calcification in my elbow. So i had the surgery to remove it. Was told it would take 4-6 weeks to feel better. At 7 week check up still not better i asked for a MRI of my back because my neck and back where in pain also. I have been on the oxy  since april. This is why I asked about MMJ.  Well you know what they found when I had Back MRI. It led to 4 More MRI of back neck and brain. I never thought i would be in more pain after decompression surgery than before.
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Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

As CW mentioned, it is a very individual thing...many have related conditions that factor into the healing process....I am not sure exactly how long my recovery from the surgery was, but I know I discovered new benefits each year out...next May I will be 10 years post op.
And what you do, as CW indicated can cause healing to be prolonged or for set backs to occur.

All I can suggest is that you listen to your body, and let it decide how long it will take and do not rush things, I have the tortoise as my avitar because slow and steady wins the ran...same goes for recovery.
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As CW mentioned it could be you are doing too much right now....try to slow down and rest....time heals, we just tend to be impatient and want to get things back to "normal"

I hope you have a better day tomorrow.
Thank you I think you and CW are right. It is very hard not to do anything but it is what i must do. I have always been a go go go type of person and must stop.
I am the same way, and I know from my own experience and what the Drs told me, and I also have seen what others have gone through the past nine years with this and those that rush to get back to "normal"....I have learned to listen to my body...and it works for me....
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