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Celebrities with chiari

With an estimated 300,000 + people with Chiari - how come we don't hear of more celebrities and famous people with Chiari? I know MS is speculated to have about 400,000 sufferers and we see a HUGE list of famous people with that. I do know that some first round draft pick in the NFL has Chiari and had decompression surgery and I am aware that Joan Cash (Johnny Cash's daughter). But no BIG celebrities...any of you know anything I don't about celebrities who have this????

Just good discussion...thats all
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I think it's because a condition like MS has symptoms for all who are diagnosed with it. But with CM the majority have no symptoms or mild symptoms and  be unaware they have it.

Watch this space. My 14 year old with CM is an aspiring Actor and Singer. :-)
The majority of Chiari sufferers are not asymptomatic. Their symptoms just aren't recognized as Chiari often. Often, Chiari is found when looking for somt8 else. I was horribly symtpomatic all of my life, but because no one recognized the symptoms I went undiagnosed until I was 27 when they decided to look at my neck pain issues.
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I dont know if this statistic is an estimate or if this is the amount of people who have been actually diagnosed.  

If you ask someone do they know what MS is they will have a good idea, if you ask them about CM they will not have a clue. This is due to lack of awareness.
When the vast majority of GP's/family doctors dont know about CM then what hope have the general population of knowing....
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Yeah..that it kind of strange..but then again, MS is a much more common disease (in comparison).

It would certainly help to have a celebrity who has CM and would bring it into the spotlight..of course, I would wish that on anyone though..

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It's strange...because my neurologist said symptomatic chiari has a prevalence of 1/1000 and MS is like 1.5/1000...both near the same. But yes as far as familiarity much different. My neuro said she thinks its because after the surgery most Chiari patients become remarkably better while MS patients become worse. She said MS is much much worse...I don't know???
I think the problem is the fact remains that so many Chiari malformations ARE undiagnosed.  I had trouble all of my life, and I didn't find it out until I had an MRI for what my primary suspected was a stroke.  The head and neck pain was horrid.  I was scared I did have a stroke, but I didn't - "just" Chiari ... years later, I got a severe traumatic brain injury from a car wreck.  The hospital I was taken to did Not see it on any of my imaging, even though it is in plain sight.  All of that has made headache pain terrible to deal with.  Lots of repairs still have to be made, including Chiari surgery ... sigh
When you have Chiari and are involved in a MVA it is very hard to know what to treat as we can also develop whip lash and that can add  to and impact the condition.
Many  Drs and MRI techs do not realize how Chiari can and does affect us.....so they tend to see it as an incidentail finding and not much more.
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Nov 10, 2007 ... The daughter of the late and great Man in Black, Johnny Cash was diagnosed a while ago with the debilitating disease of Chiari Malformation.Roseanne Cash is recovering at her home in New York City after having brain surgery for a rare, but benign condition called “Chiari Type I malformation.

I like the report, rare, but benign.,..really then y did she have surgery????
If that were the case, "benign" is used in the same context as "mild" brain injury.  You suffer with headaches, digestive issues, reproductive issues, and appendage problems your entire life.  Not to mention your neck hurting.   When you go through brain rehab after a traumatic brain injury (TBI), stroke, or seizure, you learn very quickly the terms 'mild and benign' are non-descript of the patient's situation.  It really is very frustrating.  I have both Chiari one and severe TBI, and I have yet to find a competent doctor :(
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It is strange that it's not one of the "known" conditions. I only heard about it when I was watching a medical documentary. It said that it is far more common than people think. If this is the case, why is it not checked for more often? I've had to ask specifically for the test, as when I saw the program, it was like a light switch went off!
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