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Chiari I malformation-MRI results

I received my MRI results back this morning and because of a misspelling of my name, my general practicioner did not receive them and is now out of town for a week.  The results are as follows:

CEREBELLUM: Cerebellarr tonsils extend inferiorly into foramen magnum by approx. 4mm at midline and slightly greater paramidline.

CONCLUSSION: No acute intercranial abnormality. Inferior cerebellar tonsillar ectopia nearly or marginally meeting crieteria for Chiari 1 malformation. No hydrocephalus.

What does this mean and it is easily treatable?
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  Hi....yes, it is treatable....but u need to find out what type of treatment u will need with more testing....

Chiari symptoms cycle and flare so u can have times that u may feel good and times when u feel u can not take it ne more.....

May I ask, what symptoms u had that u had the MRI that found the Chiari?
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I have severe headaches, numbness in extremities, extreme motio. sickness, sensitivity to light and a feeling of overall pressure. What got my gp concerned is that my skull has apparently shifted forming a bulge on my frontal lobe. She was thinking it could be a tumor, so she ordered a MRI. I guess the next step well be to get a CT, to see the bone changes. Hopefully it won't take too long to get into a specialist :)
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Do they normally operate on one my size? Are you aware of specialist in New Mexico, Texas?
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  Welcome to the Chiari forum...I see they moved ur thread to the forum.....

We do have a list of Drs for u to use to research....Drs for Chiari, true specialists may not be close to ur location, so be prepared to have to travel  .http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/list?cid=186

U will want to educate urself so u will know when u have found the right Dr, and the right Dr is key.

U will want a CINE MRI to see if u have a CSF obstruction due to the herniation.....then u will want to rule out ALL related conditions...

many of the related conditions can cause many of the same symptoms as Chiari.

And for ur question, do they normally operate on a herniation of ur size....if it is creating a CSF obstruction and affecting ur overall health then yes, a true Chiari specialist will...my herniations were 4mm and 6mm...there are 2 tonsils so 2 measurements...and the length is not as important as if it is corking things up.
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