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Chiari and using crutches?!?

Hey all!
I need your opinions!  on Saturday i got ran over by an atv! Thank god it didnt hit my back, neck or head! However my knees got pinned between a wide open atv & a fence.  Long story short...went to ER.. i have bloody foot, sprained ankle, and my knee is very sore/swollen.  ER doc did xrays on knee & determined bones are okay/no fractures.  Said they dont really look into knee injuries further right away cuz they wait for swellign to go down.  Doc put my knee in a knee immobilizer that goes from thigh to ankle. This make my hip/low back hurt like he**.. from being straight and my hip/low back on that side chonrically hurts.. idk why.  She also advised i use crutches but didnt say whether i could bear any weight on knee or not.  I am afraid to use the crutches due to my chiari. I am PRE-OP and know that chiarians shouldnt lift much at all. In my opinion.. it seems that when using crutches to take weight off leg.. i am pretty much liftig my whole body weight.. which cant be good for my chiari right??! Or am i thnking wrong. I tried to bring up my concern with the ER doc but she didnt seem interested. Maybe she didnt know what chiari was. woudlnt be surprised! lol   Any advice?  Thanks!
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I has hip surgery 13 weeks ago and was on cructhes for 7 weeks, two crutches for five weeks and one crutch for 2 weeks.  I am 2 years post surgery.  I also have problems with lifting anything heavy and expected this to be a big issue.  It really wasn't.

I have been having more symptoms prior to my hip surgery and even more after.  I don't know if that is related to using the crutches.  Just use them to keep yourself balanced and get around, but don't expect to do too much.  Your will be tired, your armpits will hurt.

Good luck with  your recovery.
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  Hi...I was on crutches 2x's just prior to getting my chiari dx.... It is possible to use them...it is not fun, easy nor should u go for long walks...but to use them to get around to the bath room , etc....the rest of the time u should be sitting.....

  I have used a cane for yrs, again long b4 I got my chiari dx, but continue to use it post op too...but it is the same thing.,..if I walk too much and have to use the cane too much I really feel it.....

  SO glad u were not hurt more than u are and pray u r better soon.

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Unfortunately, you are right, that Dr probably had no clue about Chiari and instead of admitting it, they usually just give us a blank stare!

That is awful that you have been injured like this!! I can just imagine how much more pain this has caused for you!!

As for crutches, I would think that it would not be a good idea. The reason I say this is that Chiari causes a lot of neck pain along with weakness in the neck and shoulders, trying to use crutches would cause me immediate pain!!! I think you are better off to try and stay off that leg as much as possible and try and recover. I know that is easier said than done....

I hope that you feel better soon L)

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