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Chiari getting worse!!

I need some advise on what to do

My original intensity of symptoms before I had the surgery is starting to come back. I have visited multiple doctors within the past 2 months that didn't do nothing to help. I am in a nursing program right now so that way I can work few hours and still get through life. My symptoms are beginning to interfere with my studys and I need to get through the program.
How do you guys coup with the pain? Any therapys or treatment for pain relief
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Hi welcome here though sorry for the reason.

you have said that you are a nursing student. I know that nursing work requires a lot concentration apart from patience and other qualities.

I am sure people like selmaS who have had surgery and are feeling much better would reply you soon.

In the meanwhile I wanted to say hello and if you wish you may share as to why you had to visit multiple drs instead of the one dr  who performed your surgery and his team.Or did you visit the dr who did your surgery? what did he say.?

Hang in there with hope and patience.
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  Hi I am so sorry you are again having issues...how long since your surgery?

Sometimes it can be an activity or stress that can trigger symptoms...with nursing you will be lifting, which may be too much for you at this point...so take a look at what you do and how you feel afterward..and look at how far along post op you are as that may be a factor too.

  The only other possibility is a related condition you are not aware of...were ALL related conditions ruled out?

Did you have a syrinx, ...if so, was it checked to see if it shrank....

Have you contacted your NS to inform him/her how you are doing?

Granted I am so much better then I was pre op, but I am not going to school and I  no longer work...if I did  I know I would have more issues....as I  do have other conditions that still cause symptoms and pain...but my major issues from Chiari are gone...no drop attacks since surgery which is great...heart palps stopped as well....but I did have a return of vertigo this summer...first time since I had surgery 5 yrs ago....but it could be due to a disk issue....so again, since I know what other issues/conditions I have I know my issues are not ALL Chiari related....

IS this headache pain ?...by pain what do you mean?
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Definitely try to see the surgeon who did your surgery, as he/she will have on record exactly what was done. Is he/she available? As for your nursing, I have seen how the physical aspects of the job can affect your own well being. But you seem to enjoy what you do. Nurses are the core of patient care. You are admired. But take care of yourself physically. I wish for you answers and peace.
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I agree, talk to your NS, He/She will be the ones to see about this,
I have tried Dry Needling in the past for pain and it helps.

I hope you can get some relief, good luck with nursing study's :)  
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I had my surgery on April 26,2011.  During the past 3 years I notice the symptoms started to come back. I wasn't concern cuz I just accepted the fact that I was just gonna have to manage. Plus I couldn't stress out my mom. So I really didn't go back for a visit

I do understand that my school stress could greatly contribute to my change in condition. And it is imperative  that I complete the program because I will soon be the head of my family by taking care of my mother and 2 autistic brothers.

Another thing that made my stress worse was a neck strain that happened a month ago. I stretched, heated a munch, and couldn't move. Went to the ER took CAT Scan, and MRI. And they said it was normal.  However my neck hasn't change in condition

On top. I have been having this sharp pain right above the back of my elbow in both arm that hasn't gone away in 3 days.

I've made the decision  to go back to the neurologist for alternatives
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  For 3 yrs post op you should not be feeling like this and it could be a related condition along with some left over symptoms from Chiari.....when you see your Dr ask about related conditions to see if they may be part of this .....

I pray you get answers and relief <3
    keep us posted
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