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Chiari or subconscious?

Hello, I'm a 25yo female. I was diagnosed with Chiari 1 Malformation 4 months ago after seeing different dr and tests, my original symptoms (severe wt loss > 30 lbs; chronic morning sickness; fatigue; numbness; tingly; pain in the neck and shoulders; migraines (on set at 19yrs); insensitivity to hot and cold on my hands) all started 18 months ago, 4 months after having my first child. I have had 4 MRIs and I do NOT have a syrinx. My neurologist has not given me the exact herniation, but uses the word mild frequently. I have started PT 2x a week and they discovered I have EDS. My GP says that my symptoms seem less to do with a Chiari and more to do with a subconscious eating disorder, I have never had an eating disorder; I do not have a lack of appetite, I have never considered myself fat or worried about excess weight, no one in my family has had an eating disorder either. I frequently eat what most would consider way too much. (I.E: this past month after lent ended I ate 7 lbs of chocolate and still managed to loose 2 lbs) I am a mother and wife so I cook well balanced meals we eat together. Is it possible for my symptoms to be related or is this a subconscious issue? At this point I'm just starting feel as though maybe I am crazy. I just don't want to feel sick anymore whatever the reason maybe.
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  Hi Delilahtb and welcome to the Chiari forum.

Many with Chiari have several other related conditions....EDS is just one...we can also have an auto immune thyroid condition Hashioto's thyroiditis....with this condition they must do testing of Free T3 and Free T4, TPO antibodies and TSH,,,,,most only look at TSH. Hashimoto's can cause someone to be hyper or hypo..so weight loss or gain can occur....I had a major weight loss with no change in my eating habits or exercise levels...then I had a huge gain....again with no changes....it can be very frustrating.

Not too many Drs are aware of ALL of the related conditions.....so do have them do testing for the thyroid condition....also an ultra sound of the thyroid is helpful.
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