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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

I sent the physical medicine doctor I met with a message yesterday letting her know my arm pain was more intense then normal and my hand and especially my middle finger felt more swollen and stiff (when trying to make a fist). She called me back last night and told me she thinks I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and is sending me to have a bone scan and to also see an interventional pain doctor.

Here is my concner with that, my arm hurts...some days it bring me to tears, but I don't think it's that bad. Or maybe I just handle pain better then I expect. Pain has become a part of my life. Information on CRPS say's the pain is intense and sometimes it it, other times it's not.

Here is a link if anyone is interested in more info: http://www.ninds.nih.gov/disorders/reflex_sympathetic_dystrophy/reflex_sympathetic_dystrophy.htm

She aslo sadi the MRI for my lower back came in and that my discs still show very bad athritis (but she didn't know if it was worse because she hasn't seen the older set of MRI). She also said it looks like I might have a stress fratucre on one of the discs but she said it was hard to tell my the MRI pictures.

I am also being treated for hip pain and started physcial therapy. I fell on it a few years ago and my leg has been stiff ever since. When I went to the ER for the concussion I got in the same fall they never did an x-ray or MRI of the hip. The PT asked if I fratured my hip and I told her I wasn't sure, and she said "well if you did it's all healed now." I also had a very severe Chiari headache on Friday that had me in tears. The pain was so bad I was nauseas.

Yesterday before the doctor called I was actually considering being tested for MS, some of the symptoms I have fit. Such as the muscle/joint soreness and stiffness. But of course I have had severl MRI's done and I imagine it would have shown up.

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Hi Kim...I am so sorry u r still going thru so much pain. I know how much u wanted to do , and how limited u r.

Thanks for the info on CRPS.....it is very interesting.

I pray u get some relief from ur pain and that this other dr may be able to help u, AND that it is not MS !

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Thanks Selma!  Figured it wasn't MS.  I was reading symptoms and the stiff muscles and joints was what concerned me.  My muslces are so tight the PT thinks it's putting pressure on my scaticia (sp) nerve and that is what is causing the leg and back pains.  My legs frequently ache and feel like they are going to give out.  Plus I have blurred vision.  But since I have Chiari and a pineal cysts which can cuase blurred vision and now this CRPS looks like ti can cause muscle and joint stiffness too.
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Oh you know I read your post wrong, I thought you were telling me it's NOT MS.  You mean you HOPE its NOT MS...me too, lol.  My MRI was clean though, and I looked up MRI's of people with MS and can tell the difference.
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HI Kim...yeah, the reports would mention demylation and lesions...however, neone with really bad HA's can have lesions.....
But recently there have been a number of chiarians that also have MS, so I know it i sa possibility for ne one of us.

Are u still taking classes?....how is ur artwork going?

I can't remember if u were checked for EDS...that along with chiari can cause muscle pains, stiffness..RA....

Keep us posted
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I haven't been checked for EDs, but I think it was ruled out anyways...what is the testing for that?
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This link shows many of the tests they do...I took one look and said, not me....but the nurse that is with my NS conducted the testing and to my surprise i am hypermobile like the pics show....weird...but, I was always aware that I was slow to heal and easy to bruise.

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