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Does sitting at a computer cause pain, dizziness & blurred vision for y'all?
I use to be able to sit at a computer for hours. Now, I am sick after an hour or two.
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I definitely have to give my eyes a rest more often than I used to.  My vision is constantly in motion, but some days are worse and the bright screen becomes unreadable after a short while.  Approx 50% of my job requires being on the computer, so I just try to plan ahead, get what has to be done as early as possible, and hope for good days.  And give my eyes a regular break.
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  B4 I was DX'd with Chiari I noticed I had issues sitting in front of a computer, and since that was my job, I did what I felt worked best, I raised my monitor up to eye level so I was not bending my neck to look down at it and that does help....once DX'd I was told to do things like this...even with reading a book, and a memory clicked into my head of all the issues I had reading books on a desk while in school...

I also was aware that florescent lights made me feel sick....and made/make me feel disassociated from myself....I really hate those lights, so I hate to shop....so a Dr of mine suggested tinted glasses to help with the glare from the computer and to help with the florescent lights...only problem is the florescent lights can still bother u since they are on the ceiling and can affect u by shining over the glasses frames....
Kinda like sun rays shining over the top of sun glasses....only a brimmed hat helps with the sun....

One other problem I had was my eyes did not focus well going from the computer screen to a piece of paper....my job was HR, so I had to enter new employees info and it was not easy as my eyes got blurry....
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I've got the same problem.  I built a stand up work station for my office which work very well as it took the pressure off my neck and helped to keep me in the proper position.  Only problem was that I couldn't sit if I needed.  I recently found a possible solution:


It's an adjustable sit/stand work station.  I've got a triple monitor setup, so unfortunately I'll only be able to use two of them while standing with the Varidesk Pro, but that shouldn't be too much of an issue.  It should be coming in withing the next couple days, so once I get it setup and working, I'll let y'all know how it is.
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I think my main problem is the glare. Lightly tinted shades are a good idea to try.
My body aches too & maybe I could get a better chair to see if it helps. But my SB prevents me from being able to stand for more than a couple of mins so, a standing desk would not work.
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  I used a pillow at  my lower back...it helped me with sitting long periods....and once in a while I would get up and walk around my chair....keep the blood circulating.....and keep from getting stiff.....
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I have been having that problem too. It has gotten worse since my surgery. but then again every one in my family has worn glasses but me so i finally gave in and did an eye exam and noticed one of my pupils is actually larger than the other (not by much) its hard to notich but its by .5 to 1 mm difference. they prescribed me reading glasses for the computer because I work as a nurse at night and we have those new computer screens that block the vision from side views so its very irritating to the eyes and My headaches have been horrible at work so she told me to wear them at work with my books and computer and I cant tell if they are helping or just making it worse. uggg...
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A pillow is a good idea too.  :)
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