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Could I have a post op CSF leak?

I'm 4 weeks post op from a very complicated Chiari revision surgery. I had titanium hardware removed, after my dura & brain was detached from the inside of it & an unhealthy duraplasty was replaced. I also had a drain that was left in after I left the hospital. Initially I felt better. I was released from the hospital 4 days post op, with the drain still in place. Then, after 3 days of spiraling downward, I called my NS & she told me to get there ASAP. She removed the drain,  after consulting with the Plastic Surgeon who placed it in, after closing during my surgery. As my NS suspected, it was taking CSF. I just haven't bounced back. My right ear is painful & feels like it's blocked. The tinnitus is severe in both ears. The back of my neck hurts & any movement to bend over is causing throbbing pain.
I'm on plenty of pain meds so I know something else is going on here, just not sure what!
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Hi...I am so sorry you are going through all of this....the revision tends to be something thosse with Ehlers-Danlos tend to deal with more frequency then those that do not. Do you have EDS?
Since you had a CSF leak did they advise you remain flat  for a period of time to allow it to heal, or did they do something to help it seal? Bending is one action I would avoid until it is healed properly.The best advice I could offer is to take it slow and do not do your regular daily activities for a while....as I said bending , lifting, pulling and pushing just as post op from decompression....as you stated this revision was a bit complicated since you were adhereing to the mesh.....

Slow and steady.....
Thank you sooo much for responding Selma! I really appreciate it!
No...I don't have EDS, thankfully! I had to have the revision due to a botched initial decompression surgery. A titanium mesh basket was used for tenting the duraplasty. Unfortunately the Neurosurgeon who did the initial procedure failed to adequately inform his patients about the titanium cage he used.
I am RESTING completely now! I do believe I was overdoing it! Praying I haven't undone all of the hard & precise work that my PHENOMENAL NEUROSURGEON has done! I've been in touch with her PA & if there is no improvement in a week, another MRI will be ordered. Last week's MRI showed just a small amount of fluid at the base of my skull, which they believe is not abnormal after surgery.
Thank you again for your response!!
You are welcome.....I am going to send you a PM (private message) to ask about your Drs....we do not discuss issues that are negative on the pubic forum with Drs being named....but I do like to ask since I have a list we offer for members to review when researching Drs.
Hi Selma... I look forward to receiving your message & I will respond ASAP!
I hope I didn't break any rules...I definitely do not post names of my doctors publicly, unless I'm on a site that I know it is okay to do.
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