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Craniocervical fusion, great results

Hi everyone, I used to post here a lot back in 2014/2015 when I started having symptoms of chiari and finally had surgery in 2015. About 6 months after my surgery my symptoms started slowly coming back. I was told by my neurosurgeon I had craniocervical instability but I was unable to get approval from my insurance company for surgery until 2019. My approval was granted after getting a second opinion from a specialist in Maryland and obtaining a digital motion x-ray which clearly showed my C1 and C2 sliding out of place as I moved. In June I had my fusion from the occiput to C2 and I am doing great. The first month was very difficult and painful, much more so than my chiari surgery. The second month was still painful and stiff but I am 4 months out now and doing great and so glad I had the surgery. My strength is back, I’m not dizzy and nauseas, I’m not fatigued all the time, I can exercise, hike, laugh and talk without getting a headache, I can even breath better. I used to not be able to take a deep breath. I could keep going with the benefits of surgery. This surgery has given me my life back. I credit my surgeon, who is wonderful. I can’t even feel any hardware in my neck or skull and my range of motion is different since surgery but still ok. I just wanted to share my success story in case anyone is in a similar situation or has read my previous posts and felt like their symptoms/situation was similar to mine and ever wondered if things would get better. For a very long time I didn’t believe I would ever feel good again. This surgery has changed that. I finally feel good again. I hope all of you can find answers and the relief you need.
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Woohoo lasel!! I’m so glad you’re finally on the path to feeling good again! I had no idea insurance finally came through for you but so wonderful to hear you’re doing this great!

I’m not doing so wonderful. 9 months post op and had a CT yesterday which confirmed pseudo hasn’t changed. Can’t have an MRI currently (I’ll pm you the reasons why).

Thank you for letting us know your great news!
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Welcome back lasel22 and with wonderful news...just sorry you had to wait so long and endure pain until they finally okayed your surgery. I have heard otherss  had success with the fusions as well....as you said it may be different as ROM changes, but so many other things improve.

I am so happy that you are doing so well,,,,and I pray you continue to feel well.
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So happy for you!! This is great and encouraging news! Now go enjoy yourself!! :)
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Hi again,
I also just wanted to say that you stick in my mind as someone who was their own very best advocate! You fought hard and didn't except the first wrong answer from your doctors. I truly don't think you'd be where you are without your solid determination! Something others (like myself) should be aware of in this difficult process!
Good for you! So happy for you!
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