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Did insurance cover decompression surgery?

I'm just trying to plan for the future. My son is scheduled to meet with Dr. Greenfield, and want to financially plan everything out. We have hit our deductible months ago. I know each insurance plan is different, but I'm just curious if insurance has denied anyone's surgery.

He will most likely need decompression surgery soon. Anyone who had surgery, did your insurance cover the cost?
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Hello Momlife91. My insurance covered both of my decompression surgeries. I just recently had them in june. Chiari isn't something easy to deal with,so I will pray for your son's strength and yours as well. I'm 31,and my CM 1 wasn't discovered until April of this year. So I've spent a lifetime thinking I was going crazy with the migraines and getting dizzy,clumsy. Even as a child, I was very clumsy and kept a bad headache. But test were NEVER done. Doctors would tell my mom it was hormones. So good luck to you and your son.
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Thank you. I had to push for the 2nd set of MRIs b/c the neurologist definitely thought I was the "crazy mom". I knew it wasn't just migranes causing his discomfort and 'bad day's'. I appreciate your support and comfort in that we may not have a bunch of bills in the end.

He's a strong little boy and I believe he can make it through this crappy condition.
ABSOLUTELY no problem at all! This group has helped me,and answered so many questions my NS wouldn't answer! I dont know what kind of neurosurgeon wouldn't answer some questions but at least I found out. When he's discharged to go home,pay attention of any leaking from the incision! That's CSF leaking, and he will need to go right to the emergency room. With my first decompression, my NP'S at my neurosurgeon office told m this was normal. So I did this for 4 days at home. On that 4th day I was rushed to the hospital to find out,it WASN'T normal and I was at risk for ALOT of bacterial/viral infections. I later learned my NS wasn't a true Chiari specialist. But he mislead me just to make the money. Sad but true.
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Hi...things have changed a lot since I had my surgery and most of the Chiari specialists did not work with INS.....now they are...but something you will need to ask the Dr you are going to ....not only to see if they work with INS but if they work with your INS....ALSO make sure you ask about the hospital and ALL the other Drs that will be on staff  just one little thing ( not so little) I was not aware of back when I had mine.....
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