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I've been discharged from my practice clinic at the hospital I had my surgery.
I'm nine weeks post op and my surgeon is happy with my progress.

Just wondered if anyone knows what happens now? If i get ill again will I have to go to my GP and get a referral back to my surgeon to get a check up or could I just contact them directly? He rushed me out of his office v quickly and I am worried if anything happens where do I go? Because GP's are useless really.

Its only nine weeks since he ripped my muscles apart and fiddled around in my head and I just feel like it's a big rush to say bye to me, I'm guessing this means I will only see him if something goes wrong? but not sure how I will know if things have gone wrong or not?
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  Hi...it seems all Drs r different, but I was back at 6 months and 1 yr post op and had a MRI to see how things were doing....

U would need a good NL that knows about Chiari to help u as u would need a dx b4 ur NS would see u again once they release u....

Did they do a post op MRI?...I have not heard of someone being released so soon...

  How r u doing?

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I've not had a post op MRI, I asked if I would need one an he said no.

Should I request one?!?

I thought it was soon too, he said I was doing well. My scar is sore and I get sharp pains that don't last long, but it kills. I told him and he said it was normal.

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I had the same thing after surgery, I could not convince them to do the three month MRI and I was annoyed.  I went back to my PCP because I was just frustrated and she sent me to a new NS ( I thought I had a problem) and he did an MRI and found my pseudomeningocele!  I think it is common to be released and if you have a problem you will just need to call and tell them you think something is wrong (as long as you were happy with your Dr.) or you can always talk to someone else like I ended up having to do.  It does not sound like everyone gets a follow up MRI and although I think it is a good idea to have a new base line I am sure it is expensive and hard to get insurance companies to cover.  I do agree that it is normal to have pains for a while, I am post op six months now and still get weird  pains, you will know when something is really crazy!! -zygy
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  I really think it depends on the NS, mine did 3 post op visits with a MRI at 1 yr to make sure all was going well...no scar tissue etc.....

   I was not released until after my 1 yr visit.....If u feel u have an issue u should have a NL that u can go to, and with a new dx ur NS should take u back....

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I have never heard of someone being released so soon.  I am fortunate because my NS seen me 2 wks, 6 wks, etc.  I am still seeing him every 6 months to make sure every thing is going o.k.  I suggest that you get referred to someone else who care's.  I know it is hard to find a NS who will listen, but you should have someone who you can turn to.  Good luck
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Thankyou all for your advice/posts!

I've managed to find a nerologist took some Douglas though! I have a 6month scan booked and I'm hoping he will see me afterwards too just for peace of mind more then anything!

Thanks again x
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Douglas? Lol I meant doing
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  I liked that it took some Douglas...LMAO...we all do that and then wonder WTH?....lol...at least we can laugh at it.

  Keep us posted

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