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Doing well!

Hello everyone!

So I have been at home for 3 days!!!! I am feeling great, no pain meds needed, my back is sore but other than that, I feel really good.  They have my lumbar shunt set to drain if my CSF pressures get above 200, I believe normal is like 5-15, and when they had done the lumbar drain my pressures were like 240-280.  SO my lump at the back of my head is FLAT and I am not having all those low CSF symptoms! I am extremely excited about this, but I promise I am not doing anything extra, I am listening to my body and taking it easy.  It is hard though since I feel so good mentally...ya know?
When I got DC'd on Friday my sister got admitted and had to have surgery for some belly issues that we both have in common.  But she is coming home today and will be grounded to my mom's house with me for the week.  (We are both pretty stubborn) So at least now I got a buddy to hang with!
Thank you guys for all your support during this whole ordeal.  
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So happy to hear good news and that u did go to moms.....and to listen to ur body and slow down.

I understand it can be hard when u can see and think clearer and u want to do things....I still find I can feel great while taking it easy, but if I try to do too much and get stressed all those symptoms creep back in....so slow and steady and listen to ur body as to what it will let u do instead of doing what we want to do : )

sending prayers and good vibes~~~~ that u  and ur DS heal quickly and u enjoy ur joint recovery : )

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Good for you..I am glad that you are resting...it is hard when you feel well but supress the urge to get up and do things!!

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Glad you opted for mom's place : ) Get lots of rest, and hope your sis heals fast as well!!! Stacey
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SO happy you are home and feeling better!!! But please do take it easy! Dont want you back in the hospital. (((HUGS))) SHANNON
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