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Dr. Oro, Dr. Henderson, TCI?

So I am in the market for a new NS who can help test for IH, instability, and tethered cord. I was seriously looking at Dr. Henderson, but he is not covered by my insurance and honestly I don't have the fund for that. Dr. Oro is covered by my insurance, but from what I understand he doesn't deal with instability and fusion on a regular basis. I am not sure if TCI is covered or not.

What are your opinions on these three options?

*reminder I have EDS 3, POTS, no synrix, and have already been decompressed.

Thank you!
Sara Jane
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  Hi not having IH I do not have the background to suggest here, but TCI I know DX's and treats and the best thing u can do is contact their financial offices to see if u will be covered with ur INS....to see most of the NS's there u do pay out of pocket as they do not participate except for the head of TCI....but with surgery they do work with ur INS...

Did u talk with Dr Oro or his staff?....if not call and ask as u never know he may be able to refer u if he does not do the surgery himself....

Good luck and keep us posted.
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Thank you once again for you input Selma! I looked up and a number of the NS are actually covered by my insurance at TCI! Dr. R and Dr. I both are covered :D I decided to send a new patient questionnaire in this morning so hopefully they get back to me shortly!
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Just FYI Dr Oro found my cervical instability and fused my c5c6. It was the best surgical experience I have had. He was extremely knowledgable.
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  I am so glad to hear that as it means more of the NS's are working with INS, which they were not doing when I went, but my INS did cover most of it neway so it was not too much for us to pay.

Keep me posted and expect it may take a good 4 to 6 weeks b4 u hear.
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