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Exercise Tips?

Does anyone have any exercise tips that will not flare your symptoms up? Thanks in advance.
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  Hi...I post a Weds thread that I post exercises for those with limitations...I get them from a Dr and he knows that strain can cause a flare of symptoms.

Swimming is a good exercise, except it does put strain on the neck and shoulders, so activity like walking while in the pool is better then trying to do the breast stroke or something like that.

Using a recumbent bike is also a great source of exercise if u have access to one as u do not have the handle bars to put strain on the neck and shoulders and u sit in a seat with back support.

  Do look at the weds thread, and start the exercises from the beginning of the thread and slowly build that one and then in 2 weeks add on....

  If there is something u can not do skip it, and add comments to the thread so I know what to ask the Dr for next.
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I'm trying to look into this as well....I know swimming is the least strenuous, and with summer around the corner, that is what I'm going to be shooting for.  I also do the bicycle at the gym, because it doesn't make my head hurt as much, and if my left side gives out, I'm already sitting, and my right side can compensate.  Good luck :-)
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I have been working out for the last year or so. I walk on the treadmill and lift light weights, but my real problem is exercises for my abs as anything I try to do for that is a strain and kills my head. Over the last month my headaches have gotten so much worse and its getting so that even walking on the treadmill hurts my head. I have managed to push myself to lose 40 lbs over the last year, but its getting much more difficult now that my head/neck are getting worse.

I will be watching out for your exercises!!!
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I was doing yoga until I found that I was straining my back, possibly chiari related.  I would come home so fatigued, from just doing what I should easily be able to do, so yoga was out! So.....I tried swimming.  I thought it would be easier as well, but I got the same discomfort between my shoulder blades and came home feeling crapy! All I really did is two lanes of breast stroke.  I think swimming is still strenuous, you just don't feel it because you're in the water.  What I did try, though, after I began to feel the discomfort, is put a flutter board behind my head and just use my legs.  It was actually a good workout -- I felt it the next day, in a good way :)
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Really great info guys and it is tough and you almost become afraid to do anything for being literally sick days after, debilitating pain, nauseated to throw up sick literally. Selma I will undoubtedly look for the thread you mention in your comment. Thank you. I go on walks around my neighborhood with my 3 yr old and pup; and sometimes I get lucky to push out a little more but even doing house cleaning really messes me up. Its very disheartening. I have always been so active and even not feeling well I still am active. Or try to be unless I am just so sick feeling I have to lay down. But yeah I am thinking just maybe if I can get in a exercise routine that won't put me down for three days after then maybe that will allow for me to be able to build up a tolerance to other activities to not affect me so crucially. Today and yesterday are the first days in weeks that I do not have a headache. It feels so wonderful. I can think!!! I am still careful to not jerk my head as that still causes a sharp shock like pain in my head but as fear as headache goes we are looking okay! fingers crossed. I found a new specialist that will take my insurance and my information is supposed to be sent over there monday. I called this morning and I am supposed to call in the late afternoon because they do not see it yet. I am really glad actually that my PCP is refusing to see me now, they have always been a pain to deal with. I am just hoping the next doctor I try will not be so arrogant and appreciate the research I do vs. being intimidated by it. Sorry I am not settling to just take pain killers, NSAD, muscle relaxers and anti anxiety for the rest of my life. He told me once to get used to being in pain thats just the way its going to be. I was not happy with that answer...... Haha! And now I am kicked out. hahaha! Oh life...  
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PS I need to ask, when we are talking about getting into a pool, I can not do cold like I used to, it shocks my body and puts my back into spasms, so are we talking about a heated pool? ;-)  And also does anyone else seem to be more sensitive to cold, and hot for that matter. Such as not being  able to withstand hotter weather or icy cold chill your bones weather. Just wondering...
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