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Exercises we chiarians can do?

I am pretty over weight and want to lose 70lb, joined a slimming group 2 months ago and lost 16lb so far.
I have started walking everywhere cause I know this is pretty much safe for us to do lol

But I dont want to do this through diet and walking alone, I want to tone my body up at same time ( fear of excess skin) and have cardio work outs that work but dont knock me dizzy.

I have as much co-ordination as a blind penguin on ice, so I havent gone to any classes like zumba or areobics, I have been doing it at home, but tend to just flail around..

so I am curious as to if anyone has any suggestions, what you have found that works for yourself?

I am pretty sick of sat thinking oh I cant do that cause of my head, head this head that.... its like im using my head as an excuse to be fat lol
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Good for you!  How is your stamina?  (I get exertion headaches, so I rest my head every few hours for just a few minutes).  I don't do any regular exercise, but housework, pets, & gardening keep me active.

I think I would definitely avoid any impact aerobics, or anything that moves your head quickly.  (btw, I have known 2 healthy women who have injured themselves with zumba!)

You're young; I don't think you have to worry about loose skin.  Yoga or tai chi will make you feel better too, even if they don't burn many calories.

Talking burns 102 calories/hour, lol.
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Walking is a good one, cause it will help build stamina and loose weight.  Far as toning up.  I use the machines to do this, I have a weight limit on what I can lift.  So this make it easy to control the weight and no stress on head.  I hope this helps.
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Yea I get headaches pretty much all time from excerting self. Found a few things on youtube I did today that made me feel like I got a good workout. Didnt get any head pains so I think I shall follow them often. I walk alot. House work alot.
Think ill join the gym as for weights ill stay away. I have two mini dumbells 2.5 lb each thatll do me haha

I go swimming also. I was thinking of checking out aquaaerobics also.

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I was posting a workout for those with limited abilities....if u search the Wedneday weigh in u should fine it..if u start at the beginning and slow add on u should be ok....there are exercises for those with balance issues, so sitting is there as well as others...I stopped posting them as no one was responding to the thread ne more,
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