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Full spine and brain MRI, but still paranoid about syrinx despite good results

I just had my first ever full spine MRI and a brain MRI yesterday. I had a Brain/C/T MRI in 2006 (when Chiari was dxed), and a Brain/C MRI in 2012. After my back pain has become more consistent, I thought it was imperative that I check on my ACM1 since I had not had an MRI in three years. I decided this time to ask for the lumbar to be included in order to fully rule out a syrinx anywhere on my spine...I've been paranoid about having a syrinx develop since I was first diagnosed with ACM1 almost ten years ago. Despite the MRI reports never mentioning a syrinx, I still feel like one is there because of my back pain. I feel like I'll never have peace of mind regardless of the fact that I've never had an MRI report stating that I have a syrinx. I'm still trying to find a good neurosurgeon or neurologist, but it's difficult with my insurance. Then again, they'd probably tell me the same thing, that I don't have a syrinx.


MRI-3T BRAIN W/O CON: Chiari malformation (10mm) and sinus inflammatory disease

MRI-3T CERVICAL SPINE W/O CON: Chiari malformation, reversal of normal cervical lordosis, otherwise unremarkable examination of the cervical spine

MRI-3T THORACIC SPINE W/O CON: Scoliosis otherwise unremarkable MRI examination of the thoracic spine.

MRI-3T LUMBAR SPINE W/O CON: Scoliosis otherwise unremarkable examination.
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I should also mention that I have kyphosis as well, so that's probably where the back pain comes from...but even so :-(.
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  Hi,,,,do you have copies of the MRI itself?.....And more info from the report....you gave small snipets which have some info but many times there is even more info in the rest of the report.....

Many of us with tethered cord have issues with scoliosis no matter that it is mild...it affects the spine and can also affect the pain from Chiari.

Have  a true Chiari specialist review the MRI's and let you know what is going on....

Do you know if any report of your Brain MRI stated you had an elongated brain stem?

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Hi, completely forgot I posted this! Yes, I have copies of the MRI, though they are digital and are only accessible through my patient portal of my radiologist. Those impressions I listed were the only things that were mentioned as remarkable by the neuro radiologist, even though yes, there is more information in the report, for instance about each cervical disc, etc, but everything is unremarkable. It was never reported that I had an elongated brain stem. I don't think it's a coincidence that three different neuro radiologists, an orthopedic surgeon and a neurosurgeon have never noticed a syrinx, probably because one isn't there. Regardless, I never trust it.

I still haven't been able to find a neurosurgeon due to my terrible insurance, and am contemplating going to a neurologist.
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