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Has anyone who has has to have the Chiari surgery developed gastriparesis?  I was just diagnosed today. My dr. Seiff doesn't know and in my opinion he just kind of blows me off. It's very frustrating. Anyone have this problem?
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  Hi many of us do have GI issues and some do have gastroparesis.
I have been DX'd with IBS.....and reflux/GERD and I am sure a few other GI issues including a hiatal hernia....

My understanding is  that my Ehlers-Danlos is the reason for the hernia and other IBS and reflux issues even tho Chiari can be a reason to have it as well....but I think EDS may be more the root cause many of us have this.

Did you have any issues b4 surgery? I also  am aware that meds and drugs used during surgery can trigger symptoms to flare....
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No, this is new.  And I am wondering if my neurosurgeon was only supposed to see me for the surgery and that's it. He says all these new issues I'm ha I have are not related to Chiari. I can't lose weight despite my strict diet. I walk,if I'm able that day, about 2 miles. I have grown a full cup size of new breasst tissie (defiantly not fat tissue)  I still have headaches , sometimes severe. I can only read for 20 minutes before my vision will blur and then double leaving me with a headache. Just was diagnosed yesterday with gasttoparrsis. I e never had that problem before. And my constipation is horrible  as well as my appetite. Dr Seiff just keeps telling me these are questions for my GP. Is it normal for a surgeon to just kind of drop you?  Also, my memory is worse than before and I still get dizzy all the time. My endocrinologist believes this is pointing to the brain stem and possible pituitary. He is guessing my pressure has gone up and possible I should get a shunt. He stressed guess. But he is really good. What should I do ?
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  Yes, many Drs even the Chiari specialists will drop you after a time as they only treat with surgery....however a true Chiari specialist will check you for related conditions......

How far along post op are you....when did you have surgery?....

First...find out what all was done during surgery....if you had a laminectomy etc....how much was done....and id you had a dura plasty what type of patch was used.....and then check again for those related conditions....Hashimoto's can cause some of the weight issues...and the pituitary gland checked as a few have had issues with it being compressed....

I stress tot have these items looked into as I feel they can cause increased ICP which with the right info can help avoid a shunt....and be the reason for increased pressure....

  I would get a new MRI and have they look for 1- scar tissue, 2- a syrinx 3- cerebral ptosis,4-ICP 5- kinked brainstem or retroflexed odontoid

May I ask, besides walking what are your daily activities?
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I was diagnosed with gastroparesis, GERD, and ulcers after my decompression. It was suggested maybe the vagus nerve had been damaged or compressed, or related to somatic disorders because I have dysautonomia as well. It comes with constipation, decreased appetite and nausea. I am on two different proton pump inhibitors. They slow acid production in the stomach, so the reflux doesn't cause more ulcers. I also see a motility specialist. He prescribed a medication to speed up the peristaltic waves. When I have flares, I start up a liquid diet and can usually get past it pretty quickly. You'll have to find your problem foods and avoid them for a while until you can figure out how to best manage the gastroparesis.

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