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Getting back into the routine. ....

So, I wanted to see how long after surgery you waited before getting back to your routines? For me this includes light cleaning, laundry and possibly driving. I have had 2 surgeries, Dec 29th and Feb 16th. I don't know if that would impact activities. I am so afraid of another spinal fluid leak so I have been reluctant to do very much but honestly I'm ready to start getting some things done. For those of you who have had surgery I would love for you to share your thoughts and experience. Thank you so much :)
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Hi gjjl, I started driving 2 to 3 weeks after surgery.  I may have done some very light cleaning and cooking around 1 month after surgery. No bending over or lifting anything heavy at all though. By 2-3 months I was doing everything, laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc., although it wasn't until 4-5 months that I felt my strength really coming back and felt fine bending over. I still get a dizzy feeling if I do too much.  Illnesses have caused me setbacks too. I had the stomach bug for 5 days at the 4 month mark and it was much harder on me than the rest of my family. Now I have a cold which I think might be a sinus infection and the increased pressure isn't helping. Weather changes still affect me too.  I'm 5 1/2 months post op now.
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  I am not back to driving as I have other related reasons...but we are ALL different....my Dr said not to do anything even to bend over to pick up lint...and that was for 6 to 8 weeks post op...and then even after that check up I was told not to try much yet,, exercises were given and walking was the one thing I did from surgery all the way thru recovery that helped me a lot.

Since we are all different we all have to listen to our bodies as to what we can do and when.and since you have had 2 surgeries in a short time span and a leak....I would say do not try to do even the easiest of things like bending to pick up lint for some time yet.....

Laundry for me was always difficult, lifting wet clothes out of the washer is a strain we do not always realize.....same with Driving..we do not realize the strain on our necks and even at 1 yr post op I was told no driving....again I do have other related issues for this  decision...

If you feel reluctant...then refrain from doing anything....just wait....doing too much too soon can cause set backs...and you have had them already...be patient and relax...do some coloring...lol...
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