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Guess Who's Back?!?! :-)

I'm Baaacckkk! as much as my phone will let be back lol ...... For all the ones that dont know me: My name is Shannon. I have Chiari (decompressed 5/24/10) EDS, cervical stenosis and bulged discs, DDD and "possible Occult Tethered Cord" ..... and just recently found out my 15 yr old son has Chiari, cervical stenosis, ddd, and EDS as well :(    As Selma aslways says "Im glad you found this group but sorry for the reason you are here"!

Selma, I dont have to sit in the corner do I???
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Guess who answered your question! uhh yeah okay lol just wandering around the boards at 2am in the morning Australia time. lol Well the good news is you have a diagnosis. I have found a few of my conditions so far but some are still in question.  Being in the mystery diagnosis section *****. If you are banished to the corner, can i sit there too? ha~! i really have nothing to do..well sleep but nah :P
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I welcome anyone to keep me company in the corner lol

It is hard when you dont have a definite dx but with mine its hard to know whats causing what bc the symptoms overlap
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  Welcome Back Shannon!! Y would u have to sit in the corner?

I am confused by that......

Sorry ur son also has a dx of chiari....but at least u know what is going on and can make sure he gets the best care possible and can help him by showing him u understand how he feels.

When it rains it pours..huh?...so u have a few new dx's now....

  Everyone is always welcome, and u r right, sorry for the reasons they need to come.

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Selma I figured i had been gone so long i would need a "timr out" lol jk it was just a joke
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Hi Shan, I was reading your list of diagnosis and saw that you had bulged discs. I had a cervical MRI showing 4 bulged discs ( chiari type 1, 8 mm) and my neuro said my bulged discs didn't have anything to do with chiari. Now I myself am an RN and after learning about chiari bulged discs makes sense as something that would be caused from the pressure. Is this from the chiari? Because I am slightly confused.  Any help would be great.  Thanks!
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I honestly dont know if Chiari causes bulged discs or not ..... mine were all found at the same time so who knows but my stenosis is in the same spot as my bulges

I do know that EDS is causing my ddd and hyper-angulation of vertebrae (forgot to list that one in my dx)

a few other dx I forgot to mention are sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and restless leg syndrome
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