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Hair post-op

I have been reading that it might be better to cut your hair before  the surgery. I am terrified of doing this because I have extremely long, blond, thick, curly hair. What are your experiences with cutting yours off or not?
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I donated mine to kids who have cancer, then did it 3 more times.
I've heard of classmates who do it together.
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No worries.  My daughter has long hair and had no issues with the incision or aftercare. They put her hair up in a high ponytail.  Her long hair also hides the "growing out" stages of the shaved areas.
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I love your idea of donating  hair and I would do so in an instant.  
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I've actually gone up to women with gorgeous hair and asked if they would consider donating theirs.  Most have said they would!

I probably will again, as long as my hair remains thick.  My joke is that my hair is like having a raccoon on my head, lol.

The hairdressers make a big fuss too, as if I'm some kind of angel.  So, makes me feel good.
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DOn't cut it !!!! I had long thick hair, they shaved the bottom half of my head and you couldn't even tell when it was down. Mine had grown back by about 2 1/2 inches and I am about 2 1/2 months post op. Also, it is easier for you to keep didrt out of if your hair is over it as well as keeping your incision site out of the sunlight. Just my personal opinion, but my dr also said that he was glad I left mine long because he was able to do what he needed. Best of luck to you and I really don;t think it is necessary to cut your hair.
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I just had surgery August 17. I have long hair and I was considering the same thing but glad that I didn't. It covers the incision really well when its down. I just kept it in a high pony tail/bun since surgery until last night when I went to church. My friend straightened it for me and I put it in a low, side pony tail and if it wasn't for the bandage you could barely even see the shaved area look st my profile and it shows how long my hair was before surgery and how much my Dr shaved off and when its down now you can barely tell. I will still wear my hair up occasionally cause honestly i'm not really embarrassed of it like I thought I would be and eventually in a pony trail out covers the area with the hair that's down. I wouldn't cut it unless you want short hair.
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