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Headaches after exercising?

Does anyone else get headaches after exercising??? The "NS" I saw said I need to be on an agressive weight loss program to help my CM. Just wondering if anyone else has bad pressure headaches after.
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I just to love palates and yoga and I can't tolerate either any more.  The pain after is too much. So I tried step aerobics and same thing.  My husband bought me a high back excersise bike and I can tolerate small amounts on it but only minimal.  It realy ***** my weight has really climbed and there seems to be little I can do. Even walks are too much I would get dizzy and feel like I was going to pass out.

I think fix the chiari and than I can fix the weight. But that is just a hope that I have
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I've gotten severe headaches after exercising for years. Now I know why. I used to do yoga, stairclimber, aerobics, rode bikes, was very active.  I never could lose weight; something else going on, possibly thyroid. I've become more sedentary over the past year. How am I supposed to exercise when on most days, I'm stabilizing myself on walls and furniture just to walk around my house? Dizziness, vertigo, and exercise don't mix. We have an exercise bike and I try to use is for 5-10 mins 2 or 3 times a day. Sone days I feel too bad. 10 mins is really pushing it for me. I will get a bad headache. I go shopping on weekends, walk all over target and grocery stores, etc, as long as I am pushing a cart, I do ok, but I get unbelievably sweaty(I'm talking my hair is soaked and I look like I just got out of the shower) and I always develop a severe headache later. It *****.
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I gained some weight and lost muscle tone from laying so much from surgery recovery.  I was told by NS to take it really easy!  and to spend the extra money for good shock resistant tennis shoes!  Makes sense!

I find the exercise bike is best for me or a calm steady walk NOT a run!  I've been doing this for past 4 months but recently had to stop due to having chiari headaches returning.  

Try to stick to things that don't require a lot of bouncing, bending or heavy weights!  

I don't understand what weight loss has to do with CM though?  Only thing that weight loss would benefit CM , is being healthier for recovery from CM Surgery??
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Prior to gettting, or rather developing the symptoms of CM, I raced as a competitve runner and triathlete. Then the headaches and company starting appearing and got worse over time. You know the list of symptoms..Anyway..For me, I would have days where I could run or ride pretty agressively and have no symptoms at all and then other days within minutes I would get the pressure and visual disturbances etc.  On those days I would stop immediatly. Effort did not always make a difference for me, but as the years went on things did get worse and I began getting more neurological symptoms.

I had NS's tell me to go ahead and keep training, others said back down on intensity and others said stop. I kept training and some racing till I had surgery 3 months ago - probably not the smartest thing to do.

Exercise and CM is a tough thing....you need to find what works for you and talk to your NS about what is okay for you and what is not....Best of luck

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I can do ZERO exercise without having symptoms.  I went for a 26 minute walk yesterday and had to come straight home to bed for over an hour.
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I was tol by my NS that any high-impact exercise or bouncing would aggravate the CM...which, coincidentally, is what brought the symptoms to the forefront...I'd been training for a 10K and had been following the Jillian Michaels boot camp (lots of bouncing).  So, I am looking to go the route of low-impact (walking, elliptical, etc)...The few times I decided to run (before official CM dx), I got popping in my head/neck and pain...so, I figure it's not something I should do : (
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