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Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

I am curious how many others have weird heart rate and blood pressure issues.

Let me explain what is meant here: For years now I've been known to have low blood pressure.
Drs always freak out about it then later in the same day when I feel like crap they'll check and be like
oh this is good your BP is normal. Well it's not normal for me!

The reason ask is simply curiosity. Im in the hospital now for other issues but last night around 3am
they woke me up for vitals. This poor little woman is still on clinicals and found me sleeping with a
heart rate of 25bpm and my BP 62/??? [something forget the other number]. She literally freaked.
Tried to calm her down just told her check again in a minute it will be normal. Well she got her supervisor/trainer whatever their title is and they came rushing back in to recheck. Sure enough Heart rate was up to 68 and BP was normal. Now they keep coming back in and checking viatals every couple hours and are starting to calm down
but won't let me walk around or anything without one of them there [at least when they know I'm getting up :-) ]

But my curiosity is in how many other Chiarians experience such extremes? My worst was from a 22 [couldn't get up that time] up to 124 bpm in less than a 5 min period. Is this normal for other chiarians?
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  Hey CW.....not sure of the numbers as numbers do not stay in my head...BUT I was always told the same my BP is low and if I developed symptoms to contact my Dr asap....well they never told me what those symptoms might be,,,( this was ALL long b4 my Chiari DX)

Anyway when I was pregnant with my DD my BP went up to what they considered " normal" but it went back down after I had her....just the way I am...but I do not go as low as you nor does it go up later....it stays pretty constant at a low number.....sorry I can't recall what it was but it could be in my journals.....??
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Sounds like this is pretty normal in reading through some of the other comments here.
yes, it seems other have had the same type of issues concerning BP
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I tend to suffer from rapid heartbeat.
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I have low blood pressure and chiari.  It really sucked when they were doing some test and I was walking on a treadmill and my heart rate would not go up so they had to give me some medicine to make it increase.  I am not sure the low blood pressure is chiari related though.
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Hi CW,
I have rapid heart rate with low bp along with Chiari, even on beta blockers my resting heart rate is high 70s low 80s, and if I have a normal bp it is only because I am already stressed out due to Chiari symptoms flaring up.
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Thanks all. Sorry for the delay in acknowledging your responses. Ended up with an infection and blah blah blah but doing normal for me again now.

Was kind of hilarious as bp and heart rate was really all over the place this time. One poor nurse in training about lost her mind. LOL She got a heart-rate of 42 one night and hurried out of the room. She came back a few minutes later with another nurse and heart-rate was 125. I didn't do anything was just laying there watching the idiot tube.
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I also have a rapid heart rate, was sent to cardiology but they were happy that it was just my norm.
I also suffer from low blood sugar levels, don't know if that's a chiari thing or just a me thing...
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