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Wow doing some ancestry research and found that my 3rd great grandfather killed himself due to horrible headaches.  I also know of an aunt that had horrible headaches that Drs could never help...they even traveled to Drs.  (before MRI)
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Interesting.....Chiari perhaps. It does run in families.
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  I really do feel it does run in families and do not know how long it will take them to have documented proof? And as far as b4 MRI's, I went to Drs for HA's long b4 MRI's were available too....I think that is y when u read that the symptoms do not present until the person is older is bcuz they were not able to dx it until then for lack of a means to dx...mayb it is me????
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There are headaches and headaches. Some migraines are so severe and frequent that they could indeed cause someone to commit suicide.
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My 2nd Great Grandfather on my mothers side committed suicide also because of severe HA and he wasnt able to find any help. My cousin died of SIDS in 92. My mother also died from brain cancer. Now I have chiari. My family is thinking on all of this and wondering if there is a connection. Makes one say HMMMMMM........

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Yep...hmmm and anyone with chiari knows there are ha and hen there are ha:) the narcotics could not make the pain go away...I can't imagine.   I too could not live that way and am thankful tha we have more resources....so sad
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My mom had so many unexplained symptoms that nobody could figure out. they never did a brain MRI because they thought is was her lungs and kidneys....her had died of a rare kidney disorder that was associated with HA's. My mom had all of the trademark chiari symptoms and I am compketly convinced  that she had  EDS as well. There was for some reason an unexplained leak with  her mother as well, and I know they did  brain scans when she had her stroke but the was 15 years ago....so I can;t help but think....just maybe. I found out about my DX of chiari a few months after my mom passed away. The other odd thing is that my dad has had horrible HA's for as long as I can remember that put him in the bed with hot wash cloths on the back of his  neck because that was where the headaches started. He has also had tinnitus constanly for so long. My ha's are just like my dads. Makes your wonder....
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Yep scares me... My dd had horrible headaches that even resulted in irregular EKG, blackouts, vomit, horrible.  MRI and EEG showed noting but as well all know it could not have been noted...for now no ha for he so I am hoping not chiari...future will tell ha come back I will be all over the MRI
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I know just what you mean. My dad told me he was up all night the iother night and had to get a hot wash cloth for the back of his head and neck...and started in on him  about an MRI....he said sugar...don't you think we ought to get you through your surgery first...I'm fine  baby. He is so sweet. My DS has had like 3 or 4 ha's  in the last month and he told me the other day that it hurts he head when  goes to the bathroom.....all I could think was please LORD,  not my little man. I am sure at the moment I am just over reacting...but after I recover, I will be having all 3 of my little ones checked...I would rather do it and know  than   to just keep wondering.
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My Dad is passed, but i'm  convinced he had Chiari as well, He had a tractor accident that resulted in a head injury when I was about 5 or 6 and I grew up watching him suffer with many of the same things I'm going through.  My Mom was here this last week and I brought up the idea that I though he had Chiari and the more I described the symptoms the more she agreed. Of course we'll never know for sure.
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